Saturday Night Live’s first-time hosts of this season does not disappoint –or not at all, at least. With debuting hosts like Larry David, Ariana Grande Peter Dinklage and the performance of Gwen Stefani, SNL is proving that they can still not only amuse us but amaze us.

Credit: MTV

After a lazy start, the show quickly recovered with the impressive hosting of Ariana Grande and the weird but funny sketches with Dinklage’s participation, who seemed to enjoy the night as much as the crowd of SNL did.

About last Saturday night with Peter Dinklage

If you were sad on not seeing Dinklage on Games of Thrones anymore, SNL brings a little bit of Tyrion Lannister –his famous character on GOT – in last night episode.  Even when Dinklage participated in an SNL sketch about two years ago, this is the first time he debuts as a host and, despite the fact he had an awful start, he nailed it

For everyone’s surprise, the opening monologue was a big failure and lack of any worthy joke on it. Dinklage and Moynihan appeared dressed as Game of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin but the entire setup was like a poorly rehearsed performance.  We don’t know exactly what, but something definitely went wrong while preparing the monologue.

Any ways, the sketches and the performance of Gwen Stefani saved the day.

Best sketches of last night

“Space Pants”: Dinklage, with his hair down, signed one of the most famous songs of the show while wearing something like space. It was ridiculous but it worked and the crowd loved it.

“Naked and Afraid”: in this sketch, Dinklage worked with Leslie Jones, letting her be the star as he took a back seat.

“Game of Thrones”: fans were surprised due the greatness of this sketch focused on dragons. While Bobby Moynihan played a dragon, Dinklage used his abilities to make funny noises and his physical stature to compose a great sketch.

Source: Polygon