Sandra Bullock announced on Wednesday she has adopted a three-year old baby girl named Laila.

The Oscar winning actress began the adoption process three years ago, when her first adopted child Louis, 5, motivated her to start the journey. However, she had kept it secret for the sake of Laila’s privacy. People’s latest issue reveals all the details of the new family member.

Photo: The Huffington Post.
Sandra Bullock made a commitment to herself: keeping away her daughter of the spotlight. Photo: The Huffington Post.

“When I look at Laila, there’s no doubt in my mind that she was supposed to be here,” Bullock expressed. “I can tell you absolutely, the exact right children came to me at the exact right time.” Her boyfriend Bryan Randall photographed the sweet happy family.

Sandra fostered Laila before adopting her. She explained she had kept it secret because she didn’t want to take the risk of losing the baby girl due to the nature of her lifestyle as a Hollywood star. Therefore, she committed to protect her from the intense spotlight.

But in spite of all her efforts, before the adoption was completed Sandra was stalked by a photographer while she was waiting in line with Laila in an emergency room. He had followed them and took a picture of them, which he started selling around the world the next day. Bullock was then forced to chase down lawyers in order to keep her promise of protecting the girl’s privacy.

The 51-year old star recalls as Laila (pronounced Lila) was scared at the beginning. This made her realize how important it was to reassure her she and Louis were really going to stay there for her.

Regarding her life as a mother, the Minion actress told People that it is Louis the one who has helped her through it. At first, she felt unsure and feared she wouldn’t be the mother the boy deserved. Worrying even stopped her from enjoying the present, but Louis’s love taught her to analyze and take pleasure in little things and details.

Although Bullock has been dealing with single parenthood, that doesn’t seem a problem for her. In a previous interview, she told People how pleased she was with the diversity of her family. She said it was just perfect and better than she had ever imagined.

Source: People