Pablo Sandoval is set to get two weeks’ rest after a strained left shoulder won him a place in the Boston Red Sox’s 15-day disabled list on Wednesday. Oddly enough, the team’s manager John Farrell said he didn’t know the cause for Sandoval’s injury.

The 15-day rest placed on the famed player for Boston was only the latest on what can be described as a rocky start for Sandoval’s season. Still, the player for the Red Sox team assured he didn’t injured his shoulder because of batting practices nor the time he spends in the batting cage.

Pablo Sandoval is set to a two-weeks rest after he announced to have a sore shoulder after he woke up on Wednesday and claimed he couldn't lift his left arm. Credit: MLB
Pablo Sandoval is set to a two-weeks rest after he announced to have a sore shoulder after he woke up on Wednesday and claimed he couldn’t lift his left arm. This injury could cost Sandoval this year’s season as he may be watching it from the bench. Credit: MLB

Although Farrell begs to differ on this one with Pablo as he claimed that as a possibility for his strained shoulder. Even though this could mean the baseball player will watch this year’s season from the bench, Farrell claims Sandoval could be a major asset later in 2016. Sandoval, who was used to being Boston’s back third baseman, was overthrown during spring training by Travis Shaw, which may have had something to do with the player possibly missing out this season.

Still, Farrell didn’t rule out the chance for Sandoval to step up on the field late this season while he acknowledges the challenge for him to stay in shape while being a benchwarmer. Sandoval released a statement giving more details about his injured shoulder, claiming he didn’t feel anything weird a few days ago. According to Boston Red Sox’s former third baseman, Sandoval wasn’t able to move his arms when he woke up Wednesday morning.

Even though Sandoval states he has dealt with this kind of problem on previous occasions, further diagnosis are needed in order to determine the causes for the injury. Sandoval assured that something happened, as he was expecting to get more details after seeing team doctors, said the report from ESPN.

Pablo Sandoval’s years is off to a shaky start

Considering the current contract with Sandoval for over $95 million, it’s in the Boston Red Sox’s best interest to put him on the 15-day disabled list to prevent him to truly injure himself and lose the 2016 season. The team’s manager Farrell said they have encouraged Sandoval’s early work as well as his pregame work.

Yet this could present some setbacks to the player as he is used to covering back off third base. Farrell is convinced that the change of role in the baseball field will definitely be a challenging task for Pablo to settle in, yet it’s not impossible. As Pablo Sandoval still has three years out of his five-year contract with the Boston Red Sox, he has been a starter for the half of Boston’s games.

Nevertheless, his performance has been not quite as expected as Sandoval has failed to bring a significant score to the team. According to ESPN, his latest reports show the famed player to have batted .245 in 126 games with only 10 homers.

Source: ESPN