Samsung‘s latest smartwatch, the Gear S3, will compete against the Apple Watch 2, sporting traditional aesthetics as it looks like a slick and elegant wristwatch.

With a stainless steel frame, the Gear S3 is very similar to the S2. It has a button on the side that accomplishes many functions and is bonded to a 22mm strap made out of silicon. The smartwatch is larger than the previous model, as it has a 46mm casing and a 1.3-inch display, while the S2 has a 44mm case and a 1.2-inch display. The screens feature Corning Gorilla Glass SR+ to avoid scratches and potential cracking. 

Samsung Gear S3
Samsung assures that the Gear S3’s battery can last more than three days without charge. Image credit: Samsung.

Samsung Gear S3: Specs 

The Gear S3 has a display that’s always lit on, so users can always be aware of the time. If the battery reaches 5 percent, the Gear S3 will save some power for the sole purpose of keeping track of the hour. This is so the Gear S3 can emulate the functions of a classic watch, while also having features that allow its wearer to be connected to the internet and its digital necessities.

The smartwatch is water-resistant and has a GPS system, a speedometer, a barometer, and an altimeter, making it the perfect companion for people on the move and frequent travelers, allowing them to be aware at all times of their position while jogging or traveling by just looking at their Samsung smartwatch.

Samsung Gear S3
Samsung’s new smartwatch features IP69 water and dust resistance. Image credit: Samsung.

Its intuitive display allows users to send text messages to contacts, including preset messages, with just a couple taps to the watch’s side button. Many of the watch’s functions can be controlled by turning the bezel, a feature that will also be made available on the Gear S2 in the upcoming months.

There are two types of Gear S3. The Frontier model has an outdoor look with matte and brown details, while the Classic version is darker, fancier, and more suited for formal outfits. Both models are wide and bold, which suits them better for male users. The smartwatch possesses its own cellular chip, which allows it to serve independently from any other device, as Apple’s smartwatch requires a nearby iPhone to exert all of its functions.

Samsung Gear S3
Samsung Gear S3. Image credit: AOL.

Samsung’s Gear S3 is also compatible with Samsung Pay, trying to pose a threat for Apple’s iconic iPhone and Apple Watch devices. The Apple Watch will be revealed in a week, specifically on September 7, alongside the new iPhone 7 which as always, brings forward a great deal of expectation as it is Apple’s flagship mobile device.

Reportedly, Samsung will launch an iOS app that will allow iPhone users to connect to their Gear S3. This will allow Samsung to snag some of Apple’s clientele. The price of Samsung’s Gear S3 has not been disclosed, but the Gear S2 is sold at around $300 by most retailers, which can be compared to the cheaper models of the Apple Watch available at the moment.

Source: PC World