Though Samsung had already announced the upcoming release of the Gear VR Controller in February, the company has now revealed more details about the new product, including pricing details. The controller will cost $39.99 if it is bought separately from the Gear VR. The total price would be $129.99 for the whole product.

The Samsung Gear VR controller will be released on April 21. Therefore, there are still a few weeks left for customers to think if they want to buy this new product. Samsung customers are also close to being able to buy the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+.

Samsung Gear VR Controller
A Samsung Gear VR Controller. Image credit: Slash Gear.

The Samsung Gear VR Controller has a competitive price

Though the product’s release date was announced in February by Samsung, there had been no hint about its price. The Gear VR won’t have much trouble becoming popular among people since its software is powered by oculus and it provides a high-quality experience. The hardware is handed by Samsung.

The whole product will cost 129.99 dollars, which is quite affordable and competitive if compared with other similar options in the market. However, some critics have said that the navigation on the headset of the controller might not be the best.

Samsung’s controller is really ergonomic

One of the best things about the new Samsung’s product is how ergonomic it is. The controller is very natural and comfortable to hold. All the needed buttons are easy to reach. There is a touchpad for scrolling, volume buttons to manage audio, a back button, and home button and there’s a trigger button on the back that is going to be handy when playing games where customers need to hold a weapon and shoot at enemies. The controller is lightweight too, therefore, it won’t be uncomfortable to hold it after long periods of use.

Sources say that the current Gear VR headset will definitely play a role in making VR a part of the company’s smartphone experience. It is not known if the device will be wireless or if it will require a physical connection to a computer. Videos are recorded as MP4 files using the H.265 codec much like the previous Gear 360.With the “oculus parties” and “oculus rooms” the Gear users will be able to keep a chat while playing games or watching movies. People will also be able to play different games at the same time.

A Samsung Gear VR Controller. Image credit: Slash Gear.
The Samsung Gear VR. Image credit: Samsung.

Samsung has had an important role at making VR popular around the world, since it has provided an affordable way for people interested in this segment. Virtual reality is already helping doctors and engineers to perform their work. However, VR is not currently available for everyone, with the new attempts made by Samsung and other companies such as Google, society might be close to having really affordable and high-quality VR experiences.

Source: Android Headlines