The New York Jets have not signed quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick yet and people are starting to wonder if they will end up looking for quarterbacks at the draft. On his side, Mr. Fitzpatrick had a very good season with the Jets last year. Erick Decker and Brandon Marshall both want to work with him again.

Last season, the Houston Texans traded Ryan Fitzpatrick to the New York Jets. This trade reunited the veteran quarterback with the head coach Chan Gailey who is a famous offensive coordinator. After an incident at the lockers where Geno Smith’s jaw was broken by a teammate, Ryan was chosen as the Week 1 starter and his performance earned him the trust and respect of the entire team.

As a surprise for many, quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is still a free agent. Credit: NBC Sports

In week 1 he threw 179 yards with 2 touchdowns and an interception. Then in week 2, he threw 244 yards and repeated the 2 touchdowns plus interception starting a very successful season for Mr. Patrick.

During the off-season, players usually go and train with the teams they want to work with. Ryan practice with the Jets’ roster and everyone expected to see him signing a contract with the team. However, Monday came and he is still a free agent. Apparently, the negotiations of the contract are on hold, but there are no comments on the subject from either him or the team.

“Brandon and I were joking around sending him a video, saying, ‘We’ll keep you informed,'” Decker joked during a conference call. “Brandon and I were just kind of messing with him, sending him a video that we’re going to work on these things, intriguing him to come back, obviously, so we can again work together in the same building.”

Not only were the fans surprised by Ryan’s absence but some of the Jets were confused since they were expecting to work with the veteran quarterback again this season. Last season, Mr. Patrick set a new franchise record with 31 touchdown passes, but so far, there is no guarantee that he’ll join the team in the 2016 season.