Ekaterina Fedyaeva was a 27-year-old Russian woman who was embalmed alive by mistake during surgery. Doctors put her on a formaldehyde-based drip instead of a saline solution.

Ekaterina was in pain after the surgery, shivering and vomiting, until she entered into a coma. She was transferred to another hospital before the moment she died. Galina Baryshnikova, Ekaterina’s mother, is now suing the hospital for her daughter’s death.

“Her legs were moving, she had convulsions, her whole body was shaking,” Baryshnikova said.”I put socks on her, then a robe, then a blanket, but she was shivering to such an extent, I can’t even describe it.”

A medical blunder

It all happened at a hospital in Ulyanovsk last month. Fedyaeva was getting a routine surgery. However, the doctors erroneously put her on a formalin drip, which is a chemical used to embalm bodies and prevent their decomposition. It is used as a disinfectant, and it kills all microorganisms.

Ekaterina was shivering, vomiting and convulsing after the surgery. Her mother claims that doctors did know they have done something wrong and that they refused to say a word about it. Ekaterina finally died. Image credit: Facebook

After the surgery, the patient was in severe pain. She suffered convulsions and vomiting for two days before falling into a coma, according to her mother. She was then taken to a hospital in Moscow. Ekaterina physical condition continued to deteriorate. Her life at that point depended on a life-support machine, but she eventually died of heart and lung failure

Baryshnikova claims that the doctors knew they had done something wrong, but that they refused to take actions to help her only child.

“People who performed the surgery already knew that they infused something wrong. They needed to take some urgent measures — but they did nothing”, said the victim’s mother. “I begged, ‘Please help her, she is my only child,’ ” she said.

‘It was eroding her body from inside’

Ekaterine Fedyaeva dies after she is put on a formalin drip instead of a saline drip. image credit: Fox News

One of the doctors of the hospital finally admitted to Galina and Ekaterina’s husband that they didn’t put her on normal saline – composed by water and sodium -, but on formalin, which is a solution of formaldehyde in water, and that is completely fatal. It was reported that the doctors at the clinic used about 50 different drugs to reverse the effect of their mistake. However, it was too late, because the formalin led to complete organ failure. Ekaterina’s mother said it was a murder.

“This is pure murder. [It] was simply eroding her body from inside”, stated Ekaterina’s mother.

Drinking just over an ounce of formalin leads to certain death. Formalin has a 40 percent formaldehyde.

The name of the hospital where all the affair took place hasn’t been clarified. Ekaterina was buried on April 7. A criminal investigation was opened against the hospital for a medical blunder.

Source: Fox News