Russell Brand said that he still feels “warm” toward his ex-wife Katy Perry. Brand was married to Katy Perry for fourteen months between October 2010 and December 2011. They got married in a Hindu ceremony in Rajasthan, after having dated for almost two years.

Brand filed for divorce in December 2011 and the couple officially divorced in 2012. The comedian cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce. The comedian has described the marriage to the famous singer in an unpleasant way in the past, but he recently talked about Perry in a more conciliating tone.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand
Katy Perry and Russell Brand. Image credit: Getty Images.

“I have come away from that experience and I still feel very warm towards her,” said Brand during an interview on U.K. TV show John Bishop In Conversation With. “When I hear about her or see her, I think ‘Ah, there’s that person, that person in the world’. I sort of recognize it as a part of my life that was for a clearly delineated piece of time.”

Brand says his divorce with Katy Perry was caused by the ‘nature of fame’

Brand also spoke about the marriage and the reasons that led to the end of it. He said that Perry was obviously very occupied and busy at the time, and he was not as occupied as she was. He added that the marriage didn’t last long because of the undulating nature of fame, which made them live under those conditions.

The famous pop singer has spoken about the divorce too, and in 2013 she said in an interview for Marie Claire that the divorce was also caused because Brand wanted to have children and she did not. She stated that she didn’t feel ready at the time to have kids because when she does decide to raise a family, she’d like to commit entirely to raise her kids. Perry has also said that Brand told her that he was filing for divorce via text message.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand
Katy Perry and Russell Brand at the 53rd Grammy Awards. Image credit: Getty Images.

The divorce also affected the relationship with her then-boyfriend John Mayer, as she took a break from the relationship following the divorce sentence. The singer recently ended her year-long relationship with actor Orlando Bloom.

Brand’s new baby gave him a sense of ‘determined and clear goal’

Brand is currently engaged to Laura Gallacher, and they recently had a baby together. He described “a relief” meeting his fianceé Laura because he says that their bond is unlike anything he had experienced before.

“The bond between my partner and I is based on something that is very earthed,” shared Brand to John Bishop. “We are friends, we are very good friends. When I’m talking to her, I’m very plainly chatting.”

He added that he thanks God for something normal and real, as opposed to something that’s going to break and be nothing. His new baby, named Mabel, was born 16 weeks ago and Brand recalled feeling something quite profound when she was born, a sense of very determined and clear goal.