San Francisco, California – Reddit, the entertainment social news network, has finally launched its long-awaited official mobile app for both Android and iOS. The application is now ready for users to download from Google Play Store and App Store respectively.

The new Reddit mobile app will replace Alien Blue, the most popular unofficial Reddit app in the US, UK, Canada and Australia According to Reddit, the apps will extend to other countries over the next few months.

Reddit launches official apps for Android and iPhone. Credit: Reddit/The Verge

“This is the beginning of our journey with you, our app users. For everyone joining us on this ride, you can expect a lot of updates and new features that we’ll be rolling out to mobile first,” Alex Le, vice president of Consumer Product at Reddit said in a statement.

The app will bring in an improved inbox, thereby making it easier for the users to read and add comments below the thread. The new app also comes with some exciting features such as ‘card view’ that aims to present multi-media content in a better manner. Users can now instantly share images, articles, and ideas with millions.

The new apps also allowed the network to launch platform specific features such as a ‘speed-read’ button for its iOS app. Users can now filter and find active communities according to their preferences. Furthermore, the engineering team is already looking at launching an update a month.

No plans for Windows Phone

By launching a mobile app for iOS and Android, Reddit has covered almost the entirety of the mobile community. But, Windows Phone users will have to continue using the site or third party apps and it seems they have to keep doing it as Alex Le has stated they don’t have any plans to bring their app to Windows.

Perhaps Reddit will have a rethink of its Windows plans in the future as Microsoft’s has upgraded their attempts to have on board more developers to develop apps for Windows 10. But, till then, Windows users can look forward to the plethora of third-party apps such as Reddit, Hivemind among others.

Source: Tech Times