Uniregistry, the registry operator for website domains, has released a new level domain specially designed for the gaming community. The extension .game domain launched on May 24, and it is available for everybody. Big brands have already registered their gaming platforms.

On Tuesday, May 24, Uniregistry launched its .game domain, which will let worldwide companies, individuals or gamers register a website of the gaming industry.

New you can register any .game domain
Uniregistry has released a .game domain, specially designed for the gaming community. Credit: Revistagadgets.com

Frank Schilling, Managing Director of Uniregistry, has expressed his excitement about the most recent project of his company. 

“And we are especially pleased to see the early adoption of the name by the world’s leading gaming companies. The broad-based support of .game by the companies that make the world’s most exciting and immersive form of entertainment is deeply gratifying,” Schilling added.

The project will allow everyone to register, purchase and develop a gaming project. Schilling has highlighted that domain names linked to games will give a category-defining business to Uniregistry. This has been confirmed with the high-value early registrations have developed since the idea was released.

The new .game domain names will forge the way for upcoming projects in the company, such as website creations, marketing campaigns and game development on the new domains.

Now, everybody with the idea of building a website connected with gaming is possible. Users just need to check if the domain name is available and figure out site maintenance costs.

Global enrollment period for .game

Since the day launch and during the whole week, the early registrations in the domain have had a successful acceptance. The very first users of the domain have been those with world known brands with platforms for games, such as Apple, Microsoft, Blizzard Entertainment, among others, up to individuals who work in the gaming industry. This possibility is what might result more exciting in those involved in gaming. The registration is available for general public.

According to the press release made by the company, during the first week of the global launch of .games, domains like VR.game, play.game, i.game, and board.game were registered. To be precise, the first-day registrations included chess.game, mmorpg.game, and tabletop.game.

Moreover, Schilling has said that the idea was conceived focusing on the possible outcomes of mixing computer science, technology, and marketing strategies.

Source: PR News Wire