Several media outlets were able to test the 2017 Audi R8 to see by themselves how the fastest and most powerful Audi feels like and the reviews have been very positive.

Volkswagen’s Audi brand is looking to take market share from its competitors BMW and Mercedes and, to do so, they need not just to honor the fastest, most powerful advertisement campaign, they also need to make it easy to drive fast and according to Bloomberg’s Matthew Miller, the car was able to perform very well. He said he never realized how fast he was going until he looked down at the clock. We were hitting 120 mph on the cool-down laps when I thought we were doing 70.

Audi just released its fastest, most powerful and most expensive vehicle yet. Credit:

Miller said in his review of the car that hitting those speeds on the banks was amazing for many reasons. He said that the car moves much faster than what one would think.

“I never realized that gravity pushes you down in your seat, rather than back, forcing you to look up and to the left since the road in front of you is also above you,” Miller said.

Do you need more advantages? Even though the R8 is the most expensive Audi car yet, it costs less than the Huracán, and it feels more luxurious on the inside.

2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus 360-degree video

Audi’s is taking advantage of the 360-degree video technology to give people the experience of being inside the New R8.

The video was created using a six-camera GoPro camera system, putting you, at least virtually, inside the R8 to go through a hot lap around Daytona with Dion von Moltke.

If you want to feel the experience, the 360 video requires Google’s Chrome browser to operate correctly.

Source: Bloomberg