The President of the United States (POTUS) Barack Obama joined Jimmy Fallon Thursday in an R&B jam session to give a full-of-soul speech about his government’s accomplishments for the last 8 years.

President Obama’s first “slow jam news” happened in 2012, when he joined the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon at the University of North Carolina’s campus. The president gave a speech, at the moment, about his proposal for lower-rate student loans with R&B music on the background.

Obama slow jams the news with Jimmy Fallon
Barack Obama joined Jimmy Fallon an R&B jam session to give a full-of-soul speech about his government’s accomplishments for the last 8 years. Credit: NBC News

Jimmy Fallon had President Obama at his show on Thursday to celebrate his last days in office and to discuss the accomplishments he has made in The United States during his eight years in office.

Accompanied by the house band “The Roots,” the commander in chief gave a soulful speech, explaining how thankful he is for his 8 years as president and the great expectation he has for a Hawaiian trip along with the first lady of the nation, Michelle Obama.

POTUS slow jamming with Fallon  

The host of the show, Jimmy Fallon, introduced President Barack Obama to his live audience on Thursday, to help him “slow jam” the news with The Roots house band.

“Hello, I’m President Barack Obama, and I too will like to slow jam this news,” said POTUS at the beginning of the sketch.

The President started thanking the American people for supporting his cause and his government for eight years, as he addressed the recession the country was facing when he became president and how 14,0000 new jobs have been created lowering the unemployment rate under 5%.

Fallon added an R&B touch to the President’s speech by joining in between words and whispering things such as, “oh yeah” and  “President Obama stimulated long-term growth for both the public and the private sector.”

While “slow jamming the news” the band and Fallon set the mood and stated their support for female Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, President Obama addressed the Trump subject as he assured that “Orange is NOT the new black.”

Pop culture references were bouncing all over the jam session between President Obama and Fallon’s band. Fallon assured that the Republican party had given POTUS lemons. He said he made so much lemonade that Beyonce started calling him “Baracky with the good hair.” While addressing the creation of new jobs in his presidential term, President Obama swung his shoulders to a cover of Rihanna’s “Work” song.

The president of the nation also stated his desire to go on his vacation trip along with the first lady in just 223 days, but “who’s counting.”

In his last days in office, President Obama has given a series of speeches that have gone viral, like his farewell to the press when he said goodbye by shouting “Obama out” as he dropped a mic on the floor of the White House.

This kind of initiatives is part of POTUS efforts to close his presidential time on good terms with the American Public.

Source: TIME