It’s no secret that Instagram has ceased to be a network for sharing photos and memories with friends. Now the platform focuses on video content and sales of services and goods. For this reason, a lot of people who want to make money online have appeared on the network: entrepreneurs, influencers, and large brands. They choose a social network because it is constantly growing, changing formats, and introducing new functions for effective sales of goods and services. But the algorithms of the site are unpredictable, and therefore many are still wondering which methods of promotion are effective, and what is not worth spending your energy and money on in promotion.

Popularity on Instagram: What Methods of Promotion are Working in 2022?
Solen Feyissa

Surprisingly, newcomers to blogging still manage to get fame and make good money online. It has become more difficult to promote content and your own brand in the face of great competition, but this does not mean that you do not need to try to achieve results. In order to attract the attention of the audience, you need to know which methods of promotion are effective at the moment and how to use them for your account.

In this article, we will answer the most important questions about rapid promotion and tell you how to attract followers.

Before starting the promotion, you should create a profile.

This is necessary so that the user, when visiting your page, understands what content you are posting and makes a decision about subscribing. The appearance of the profile directly affects how many potential subs will eventually become your loyal fans. First of all, you need to choose a bright and memorable nickname. If you run a personal blog, you can specify your name or pseudonym, and if you promote a business, choose a nickname that will talk about your field of activity. Avoid spaces, hyphens, and dots, this makes the nickname less attractive to users. Conciseness is a trend, so the nickname should match it.

To describe your profile, choose a language that is close to your audience. But do not abuse slang, professional terms, and foreign words. This makes it difficult to read the text and may reject a potential subscriber. In a few sentences, put information about who you are, how you can be useful, and what is your uniqueness. This information is enough for the user to decide whether he is interested in you. Specify the communication methods for advertisers and customers so that they can contact you at any time.

Pay special attention to the avatar. Choose a photo that will be remembered for a long time and not change it in the next few months. Many users remember visual information better than text, so be prepared that someone will recognize you by your photo, not by your name or nickname. As an avatar, you can set a successful portrait or company logo.

To create a presentable look at the initial stage, many entrepreneurs and bloggers buy Instagram followers. Thus, users understand that you are successful and popular, they subscribe to the page because of the “herd instinct” and begin to actively monitor changes in the account. You can take this chance or ask your audience from other platforms to follow you on Instagram.

Free promotion methods.

Hashtags and geolocation. Promotion using tags is one of the most popular ways of promotion. Many beginners use it because users like to search for information by keywords. You can specify tags that relate to your topic or business. And geolocation will help in increasing awareness at the local level. This is especially true for businessmen and small brands.

Reels and IGTV. As we said above, the site focuses on video. This means that now the network’s algorithms are actively helping authors to promote such content. The platform provides external coverage for such publications. If posts work and stories work for an existing audience, then Reels and IGTV go beyond it. Thanks to the new features, you can attract an audience even if you don’t have many fans.

Mutual PR. This method is not suitable for promotion from scratch, for a successful collaboration, there must already be an audience on the account. With the help of recommendations for each other, you exchange an audience and this is a guaranteed way to get new viewers. You can not only post links to each other but also arrange joint activities, for example, making joint posts or holding a challenge.

Paid promotion methods.

Advertising from a popular blogger. This method is suitable for you if you are willing to spend several hundred dollars to increase the audience. It’s not a fact that advertising will work the first time. Most likely, you will have to negotiate with several bloggers to get the desired result. In addition, you should understand that not all influencers will take on an advertising profile with few viewers. But in order to solve this problem, you can buy real Instagram followers. Advertising from active bloggers is always more effective than other methods because users trust other people more than ads.

Targeted advertising. With the help of official Instagram advertising, you can reach users with specific interests. If the algorithms themselves decide who to show your content to, then you set up advertising yourself by setting the necessary parameters. You can choose a goal: increase engagement or increase visits to the page. The disadvantage of such advertising is that the list of restrictions is constantly being updated, which you need to watch carefully. For violating the points, ads are stopped, and sometimes even accounts are blocked.

So, now you know what promotion methods work and how to properly create an Instagram account. This knowledge will help you navigate the web and actively attract new viewers or customers. Combine methods, try yourself in new formats, and treat account management responsibly, then the result will please you. Good luck!