The iconic character from the Mario world, Yoshi, has returned for another adventure, but this time on a different console, the 3DS. The launch of “Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World” was just one month before the release of the Nintendo Switch, which could mean the end for consoles like the 3DS.

The fact that the Nintendo Switch mixes both home and portable gaming experiences in one console has made some experts think that other consoles would probably be forgotten. Nintendo refuses to accept that, as it believes the 3DS console should remain in the market for several years. Nintendo has even considered that the 3DS is not the last product of that line, and the announcements they have made recently prove that.

The famous character of the Mario world is back in the game. Image Credit: God Is Geek

Yoshi’s Woolly World was released back in 2015 as a new title in the line of the “Kirby’s Epic Yarn” games. Although, neither of the games had a similar artistic designing, as the Kirby title animation was in 2D. This new title comes as a follow-up to the Wii U game, and its graphics must be in line with the saga’s creative design.

Review of the game

Many experts in the gaming world have stated that this title is a perfectly competent platformerThe website Metro even admitted that this title is the best from Yoshi’s since  Super Mario World 2. However, they also say that the game is not unique and does not represent what the visuals suggest.

One of the highlights this title has is the clever designing of the gameplay which also has a considerable amount of amusing hidden secrets. The artistic design is also very well-made as the possibility of being able to play with two difficulty levels makes it all more interesting.

Among the common critics this game has received, there is the fact that it does not present anything new. Many experts declare that this title does not introduce anything that was not already presented in another of the Yoshi’s games, as there are no new scenarios or enemies to face during the gameplay. Also, there is the absence of the important co-op mode.

“If it weren’t for the absence of the two-player co-op mode we’d consider this the superior version of the game. But losing that feature is a blow, as it was a great way to enjoy a platformer that is otherwise a little too laidback and forgiving for its own good,” the website Metro wrote in their review while qualified the game with 7/10.

This new title was described as an easy-to-finish game, with characteristics that make the game worth to enjoy and ease out. So, for those players that are looking for difficulty, this game is not the right option.

The “Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World” game is available in stores worldwide since this Friday for a price of $42 (£34).

Source: Metro UK