On May 25, Niantics has proclaimed that Pokémon Go field testers will be available in the United States. As part of the upcoming game for mobile, the company has implemented a field test to evaluate user’s reactions to new features and to get better or add aspects resulting from field testers’ comments.

Pokémon Go is a real world video game that will be available soon for IPhone and Android smartphones. It will let users personalize a virtual world on their own, to encourage them to explore the Pokémon dimensions while their Pokémons help them win battles.

On May 25, Niantics has proclaimed that Pokémon Go field testers will be available in the United States. Photo credit: Funstuffnthings
On May 25, Niantics has proclaimed that Pokémon Go field testers will be available in the United States. Photo credit: Funstuffnthings

Pokémon Go will be free for players and they could download it from the respective  app stores of their devices. However, the game will provide some “power-ups and extra items” to give a quite different experience to the game. In order to get these extras, not available in Pokestops items, the gamer will use real money to pay for them.

The project of a Pokémon gameplay for smartphones was revealed in 2015 and it is expected to be launched in November of the current year, as part of the 20th Pokémon Anniversary Celebration. Along the release of Pokémon Go, the company will present the game Pokémon Sun and Moon. Both games will be set on Nintendo and Nintendo 3DS.

In a post published today, Niantics has given some details about the new features of its most recent gameplay.

Pokémon Go field testers in the US

Today, Niantics Labs has announced a new field testers phase in the US. Pokémon Go field testers have been an idea to receive feedback from video players. Volunteers to test the new Niantics video game version have done their part for the big launch, which is expected to occur later this year. According to a press release from the company, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand field testers have successfully given important opinions related to the game. So, the company has decided to move forward the US to collect useful information from American players.

Pokémon Go field testers is a project conceived to evaluate and improve the game’s innovations developed by Niantics group. Earlier this month, American early adopters had the opportunity to sign up to become the first one in testing the game and in putting their two cents in, to tune up the last details for its launch. From today on, US field testers will be receiving invites to the game. The amount of participants for test fields in the US is unknown

Niantics has said that thanks to the stories and comments from field testers, they have already added new features to the gameplay and there are others in which they are already working on. Thus, field testers are key in the development and improvement of the game. They are the first users and at the same time, the audience to whom the company wants to design the game for.

With Pokémon Go field test expansion to the US, it seems like the game is almost ready. Niantics has stated that with each passing day, the launch date is getting closer.

Pokémon Gyms

Now, the franchise provides to gamers with more realistic experience with Pokémon Gyms. In the game, a gym is a place where Pokémon trainers go train their Pokémons. In Pokémon Go, real-life gyms are spread across the Pokémon universe and they are meant for Pokémon battles to gain complete control of the gym. In order to control a gym location, trainers must join one of the game’s three colored teams and of course, to fight against one of the creatures belonging to the team that controls a gym in particular.

Also, there are different types of gyms with specific purposes that will be discovered while players progress on their Pokémon quest.  

Pokémon trainers

During the very first time, gamers have the chance to personalize the appearance of trainers. The avatar, with accessories and clothes picked up by the user, will appear during each user’s movement all around the Pokémon map, but also it will be showed as a profile picture. Moreover, each time one Pokémon wins a battle and trainers take control of the gym, the personalized trainer will be the figure that visitors see when they go to the gym.

Another innovation that brings Pokémon Go is that trainers will gain levels and, depending on how high the level is, trainers could catch powerful Pokémons that could part of the Pokédex. The Pokédex is an index in which Pokémons caught by trainers are cataloged. The Pokédex provides the gamer Pokémon information related to its height, weight, type, and other descriptions.

Furthermore, trainers can find and collect Pokémon Eggs to help their Pokémon evolve, then a new dimension of the game will be available. However, while finding Pokémon Eggs, trainers must travel a preset distance with the egg in order to hatch it and see what type of pokémon it is. Regarding this part, incubators are provided by the game.

Source: Niantic Labs