Apple confirmed a new record has been set, according to the company Pokemon Go is the most downloaded app within its first week on the Apple Store, it has had more downloads than any other app in the store, ever.

For the last couple of weeks, social media and daily life news have been plagued with the most recent Nintendo app, Pokemon Go. Servers have crashed, and the public has jumped on this new trend. The phone game had been developed by Niantic, and it’s available for both iOS and Android users. Since it launched on July 6th, the world has made the game one of the top conversation topics. The game works by using location-based-augmented reality, in which the user’s’ GPS data and phone camera are used.  The gamer will walk around its surroundings and by using the camera, strange Pokemon will appear in a real location.

Pokemon Go
Pokémon Go was released on July 6 and the sheer amount of players crashed the servers, so people had to wait a little bit more for it to work properly. Credit: Game Spot

Gamers are allowed to capture, battle, train and interact with the Pokemon characters, the app already has in-app purchases, that allow players to buy additional items used within the application.

A couple of weeks after it’s launch, Pokemon Go became the most downloaded game in recent years with over 30 million people worldwide. Many have praised Nintendo’s initiative since gamers are involved in physical activity while playing.

How does the game work

After downloading the game, the user will be able to create an avatar and choose between different options that include skin, hair, color, style, outfit and others. The app, will then track down the user’s location and displays it.

In the user’ location, different objects will appear such as Pokemon gyms and Poke Stops, which will provide the gamer with various items to use such as potions, Poke Balls to capture and others.

The Poke Gyms, are used by users to create and endure on Pokemon battles, where the user will face another Pokemon owner into winning different creatures.

In the original Pokemon series, gamers encountered different wild Pokemon and battled them to capture them. In this new app game, users won’t have the need to fight the wild creatures; it will be a matter of strategy and use of the right items to capture.

The gamer will be awarded currencies in the game, that include candies and stardust yet a number of candies depends on the species of the caught Pokemon and the rareness, the stardust is used to increase a Pokemon’s power of combat.

The power of combat of the Pokemon’s will measure the level of the powerfulness of the Pokemon inside a battle. The objective of the game is to make the user a Pokemon trainer and to capture the rarest species.

Creators of the game, have been developing a Pokemon Plus tool, which will work by Bluetooth and as a wearable device that gamers will use to perform certain actions of the game without using their smartphone.

It is set to launch later on 2016, and it will look like a Pokeball design with a longer tip, making it look like a Google maps pin.


Niantic first launched the game in New Zealand, Australia, and the U.S and according to Apple the downloads of the game on the Apple Store were tremendous. The game has also stayed at the top free ads category.

Even Though, Apple hasn’t released any data on a number of downloads the game has received, the website AppleInsider reports the game might have been the biggest mobile game launch in the history of the United States.

Breaking the record of Candy Crush Saga, it appears Pokemon Go has attracted over 26 million daily users in the country. Breaking the previous record, that was set by the Candy Crush game saga.

The rumored numbers, don’t come as a surprise for the Nintendo app that became an instant hit minutes after its launch and has covered news from all over the world ever since.

Pokemon Go recently launched in Japan, which is the city where the original game was created and set. Nintendo had been holding on the launch of the game in the city, to provide users a more supported system.

Nonetheless, when the game launched in Japan, the servers crashed, and users were annoyed by the instant breakdown of the service. Pokemon’s Go Twitter account quickly informed users about the minor issue and the game was available hours later.

The game is also available now in Canada, Italy, Spain, Portugal and other 26 countries in the world.

In the United States, the game has become more than viral; several accidents have been related to the use of the application. Including car crashes and people being hit by cars for not seeing the road.

Even warnings in the highways have been put up that read “Don’t Pokemon Go and Drive”, most recently a traffic jam occurred in New York City when a rare-Pokemon appeared near Central Park, and users appeared to catch it.

Source: Tech Crunch