Android Pay is seeking to grow and expand to new markets. Last Wednesday, it was launched in Canada. It also is trying to get to India, Brazil, Spain, and Germany

Android Pay has been steadily growing since it was created. It offers Android customers a simple and secure way to buy using their phones without a physical credit card.

Image credit: Dave Bennett Youtube Channel
Image credit: Dave Bennett Youtube Channel

Paysafe is teaming up with Google in Canada

Android Pay is present in more than ten countries including the United States, Japan, and Australia. It arrived in the United Kingdom last year, and it was recently launched in Russia – on May 24 – having a full acceptance network, many stores, and major departments have announced they will accept this virtual wallet.

On Wednesday, it got to Canada after an alliance Google made with Paysafe, a significant global payment provider, to launch in-app Android Pay.

“The ability to offer our Canadian merchants in-app Android Pay capabilities is a significant milestone for Paysafe. Teaming up with Google in this way reflects the capabilities of our technology and increases our relevance to both consumers and merchants,” said Paysafe’s Chief Marketing Officer, Oscar Nieboer.

On the other hand, Google’s vice president of Payments, Pali Bhat, expressed they are excited to take Android pay to Android users in Canada with the help of Paysafe. From now on, Paysafe’s Canadian merchants are going to be able to give their shoppers the option of buying through Android Pay.

Android pay keeps growing

Android Pay is also trying to get to India, which is probably one of the most rapid digital payment growth markets in the world. Apparently, they are trying to team up with Indias’ Unified Payment interface. India would be an excellent choice since it has removed about 86 percent of currency from circulation since the demonetization last year. Brazil and Spain might be good options for Google too.

It is also working in Taiwan, but it is not as complete as the version in Canada. Google needs to get support for a substantial number of important Asian banks and cards. Google has integrated Google map into the Android Pay app so that customers can receive promos and good deals from local retailers in real time.

Android pay was created in 2015 by Google as a digital wallet that allows in-app and tap-to-pay purchases from Android devices – smartphones, watches, and tablets – it uses near field communication (NFC) to transmit the info of the cards with the security provided by Google. The app allows devices to connect wirelessly with points of sale. It is activated with fingerprint ID if it is available, and in devices without fingerprints ID, Android Pay is activated with a code.

Source: Canada Business Review