Austin Lee Russell, known as “Chumlee” in the popular History Channel’s show “Pawn Stars” was arrested and charged with felony weapon and drugs possession in Las Vegas. He pleaded guilty on May 25 to avoid jail time and succeeded. He now faces a three years’ probation.

Chumlee to plead guilty
Austin Lee Russel, better known as “Chumlee” in History Channel’s hit show “Pawn Stars,” was arrested and charged with felony weapon and drugs possession in Las Vegas. Credit: TIME

How was Chumlee arrested?

As a result of a sex assault investigation, Las Vegas Police Department executed a warrant search in the home of Lee Russel. The police found 12 guns, marijuana, Xanax and methamphetamine. Although the subject was not charged with sex assault, since according to the District Attorney there was not enough evidence to continue with the case, Lee was charged with felony weapon and drug possession charges.

He was arrested on March 9, the same day the police searched his home, and then he was presented to the Clark County District Court Judge. Last week, the Judge Jessie Walsh decided to order him to go counseling until 2019 to dismiss the charges. The misdemeanor conviction on his record will remain, however.

If Lee does not fulfill the judge’s requirements, he may be sent to jail for two to five years. Attorneys believe the deal was the best option for the subject.

Pawn Stars

The show is produced by Leftfield Pictures, A&E Network and shown on History Channel. It is based on the reality show structure in television series, and it narrates the story of the family owner of the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop: The Harrisons. Chumlee is a childhood friend of Corey Harrison and has been involved in the business for a few years.

The main plot of the series is the dynamic between the owners and the customers within the commercial relationship that the sell and pawn of different artifacts and devices produce. The historical background of the products is an important part of the show and a substantial storyline in the dialogues, since the staff’s observations about each artifact they receive in the store is usually supported by experts’ opinions about the particular product.

The show is the No. 2 reality show behind Jersey Shore in the U.S. ranking statistics. It has already produced 439 episodes in 12 seasons, and it is a TV show watched across the world.

History Channel suspended the production of the show temporarily but stated through A&E Network’s spokesmen that Lee Russell’s status in the series will remain intact before these events.

Source: Fox News