A new camera is on Panasonic’s rooster, the “mirrorless” and mid-range Lumix GX85  OP camera directed to all those photography enthusiasts with a tight budget.

This camera is half the size of most DSLR cameras, with a 16MP sensor, which might be a bit lower compared to the Lumix GX8 – that one offers 20MP – but regardless of that small difference, the GX85 can still capture great details due its low pass filter which boosts about 10% of the camera’s “fine detail resolving power”.

Credit: Engadget

What else can this camera do? The GX85, along with many other cameras can capture videos but the ones it can record are in 4K resolution in 3,840 x 2,160 Px (pixels) in either 30p or 24p, which also includes a 4K Photo Burst Mode that allows the camera to capture a series of shots at 30 frames per second and later pick one with over 8MP quality, which makes it a useful feature for those photographers who always keep on shooting pictures to make sure they got a potentially great shot after all.

More Features?

Isn’t enough with all the features we count before? Let’s just say “no” because it doesn’t stop there. Along with all, we said before the Lumix GX85 is integrated with a Post Focus option – allowing the users to change the focus of the shot after the picture was already taken.

A 5-axis image stabilization setup that works along with 2-axis stabilization in the camera lens provide to “newbies” photographers a better experience and smoother learning curve while taking pictures so they can look even better.

Also, it got a 3 inches touch monitor, Wi-Fi connectivity and improved security where Panasonic is believed to have selected Quick Responsive (QR) code instead of the traditional passwords and the Creator Control mode that includes 22 filters to experiment with.

The Panasonic Lumix GX85 is expected to be launched somewhere in May with a price of $799 – affordable for a good-loaded camera – coming in black or silver and along with a 12-32mm lens kit.

Source: PC Magazine India