The famous couple, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, split up due an alleged affair. The couple has faced a lot over the 33 they’ve been together but according to the reports, the Prince of Darkness and manager-turned-wife Sharon are splitting up.

Ozzy Osbourne, 67, is being accused of cheating on Sharon Osbourne, 63, with Michelle Pugh, 45.Ozzy and Sharon have been married since 1982, and have three children together, Aimee, Kelly and Jack.

The rockstar/filmstar/sportsstar husband has an x-rated affair with the childrens’ hot nanny, leaving Sharon grief-stricken. Credit: Go Social

The two agreed to take separate ways. Ozzy is forced to move out of their home temporarily, a source told E! News. Sharon only gave Ozzy three weeks to save their fractured marriage.

A source told to HollywoodLife that the couple is likely to get back together because they don’t know how to live without the other.

In 2002, the family starred MTV’s “The Osbournes,” becoming reality television stars. The show ended three years later. Sharon is currently co-hosting on CBS’s “The Talk.”

Kelly and Jack’s reaction to the split

A source exclusively told HollywoodLife that in case that Kelly Osbourne, 31, finds out that his dad effectively cheated on his mother she will be “royally pissed at her dad.”  The source added that Kelly would “clearly” take her mom’s side.

Even though Jack and Kelly may be upset with their father because of the split, they still looking after him. They fear this new scandal might put in danger all their father’s work to stay sober. Regardless this, a source told The Mirror that Jack is thinking he should “talk some sense into him.”

Jack Osbourne dedicates special words to his wife on Mother’s Day

Jack Osbourne, 30, didn’t let his parents’ split interfere with the celebration of Mother’s Day. He enjoyed it with his wife, Lisa Osbourne, 29. While Ozzy Osbourne, is being accused of cheating on Sharon Osbourne, Jack told Lisa on Mother’s Day that she’s everything he can see.

“Happy Mother’s day to my beautiful baby mama,” Jack wrote on May 8, captioning a picture of Lisa pulling their daughters, Pearl, 4, and Andy Rose, in a red wagon. “I love you more [than] you realize and our little chickens [think] you’re pretty freakin’ cool to boot.” At the end of the message, he thanked Lisa for being the best mother/wife he could ever ask for. He used the hash-tag #YoureAllISee in the post.

Source: Hollywood Life