Oprah has added Colson Whitehead’s latest book as the new addition to her section “Oprah’s Book Club,”. The Underground Railroad will become the next book discussion on the famous segment.

Media giant- Oprah, has made her book club very famous, as she picks a novel and an author with whom she will discuss the story’s development, perform interviews with the author and ask the public for their opinion. The latest pick is The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead, a recognized writer since 1999, that has been categorized as the New York Times, bestselling author.

New York Times bestselling author Colson Whitehead’s new work, “The Underground Railroad,”will be the club’s next read for Oprah's Book Club. Image Credit: V101.9
New York Times bestselling author Colson Whitehead’s new work, “The Underground Railroad,”will be the club’s next read for Oprah’s Book Club. Image Credit: V101.9

Whitehead created a good name for himself since the publication of “The intuitionist” on 1999 and since then it has published several other novels, during the first years of the 2000’s, that have also gained good reviews.

Being picked as the book club’s latest read will definitely provide Whitehead a good publicity platform for his novel. The Oprah-book-club discusses the novels in social media and in both O Magazine and on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

The Underground Railroad

Oprah’s pick was announced on “CBS This Morning” on Tuesday, when the TV host and public figure called the novel a “gripping and powerful look at slavery.” According to Whitehead, he had been informed about Oprah’s pick in April.

Whitehead’s book will be available to the public on Tuesday and during the month of August, Oprah’s public will be discussing his novel while he attends interviews with the tv host.

“Oprah has introduced so many wonderful books to people, that I’m honored and grateful that “The Underground Railroad” is joining a great company,” said Whitehead, in a statement.

The novel tells the story of a young African-American girl, who lives on a Georgia plantation on the 1850’s. Cora, the main character, escaped the plantation through this underground railroad with a recently known friend, called Caesar. Cora’s adventure will be filled with thrill, disappointments, and scary situations as she passes through different states of the country searching for her true freedom.

Oprah has always been a great advocate for African-Americans and has dedicated a great part of her career on defending the rights of her race, as well as discussing and addressing slavery in the United States.

The public figure has also appeared in films that show the lives of African-American slaves in the country, such as Selma a movie she produced and starred in 2014 and the movie The Butler.

Source: Orlando Sentinel