President Obama gave a speech at 250th anniversary commencement of Rutgers University’s class of 2016 and was acclaimed for his words.

Obama took the opportunity to take sharp swipes at Donald J. Trump on Sunday during a commencement address. He noted that the world is becoming more connected, and building walls won’t change it.

Trump’s campaign has been based on proposals such as building a wall between the United States and Mexico, forcing the Latin American country pay for its potential multibillion dollar construction costs and banning Muslim visitor immigrants from the country, at least temporarily.

Photo credit: Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty
President Obama gave a speech at 250th anniversary commencement of Rutgers University’s class of 2016 and was acclaimed for his words. Photo credit: Saul Loeb / AFP / Getty

Obama said that we’re living in an age of “global supply chains” a lot of people is concern with how globalization has quickly progressed. But stopping trading with other countries is not the answer, not to mention that it is not even possible, he added.

Disparaging Muslims would be a betrayal of American’s values and it will abroad America’s most important partners in combating violent extremism, Obama also said.

During the speech, Obama encouraged the graduates to expect political leaders to value and posses some of the knowledge they had earned through years of studying. He affirmed that both in life and politic, ignorance is not a virtue.

The President also noted that when someone gets sick, for example, they want a experienced doctor; but when it comes to public it’s like they don’t want someone with experience, someone like Donald Trump has no experience as a politician. The lack of experience is a quality that the public value the most.

Obama’s decision to give the speech at Router

After three years of lobbying the White House in order to get Obama to speak on this anniversary for the school, the president finally gave his special speech to Routers’ graduates.

“The truth is, Rutgers, I came here because you asked. You are the first to launch a three-year campaign,” he said.

The campaign included emails, letters, tweets, YouTube videos and evennotes from a grandmother of Rutger’s student body president.

“And I have to say that really sealed the deal. That was smart because I have a soft spot for grandmas,” he added.

According to the New York Times, Obama affirmed that Rutgers was precisely the kind of institution that he wanted to celebrate because it could be the most diverse student box in America.

As usual, Obama tried to encourage the graduates to participate in the political process and be satisfied with incremental. Obama and his wife, Michelle, are always urging student audiences to show up at the polls on Election Day.ange, because even though young people fully support Democrats, they rarely vote.

At the end, Obama reminded the graduates that apathy has consequences, and that every fight worth’s fighting it.

Source: The New York Times