The President Barack Obama is going to visit Dallas this Tuesday. A spiral of violent acts finished in five police officers shot down amidst racial riots. He and the former president, George W. Bush will meet with the families of the victims to give them their condolences. One of the primary goals of his ruling was to eliminate the barriers of racism.

He talked about how understanding is going to take the American Society to new heights. However, it seems no one is listening to him because even now, in 2016, there are significant racial issues in many first-world countries, especially in the United States. When Obama raised as the Democratic candidate for the elections in 2008, black people in the United States felt things were finally changing, and the celebrations after he won the elections did not have precedents.

The President of the United States Barack Obama paid a visit to Dallas following the shootings happened over the last few weeks to pay his respects and say a few words. Image Credit: NY Times
The President of the United States Barack Obama paid a visit to Dallas following the shootings happened over the last few weeks to pay his respects and say a few words. Image Credit: NY Times

But in spite of all the effort, the president has put into eradicating racism, and the problem is still there. In fact, based on the news flowing from the North American country in recent months, the land of the brave and the free has plenty of hate as well.

Amidst his visit to Spain, Obama addressed the situation on multiple occasions. He highlighted how important was for the two sides of the conflict to understand each other. When Obama became a president, he was aware that some police officers were especially hard on minorities which is why he has put in place a lot of initiatives to control the situation. But even though he has kept himself in a middle ground defending both black people’s rights and police enforcement, both sides of the conflict have been attacking him since the battles started.

“There is no possible justification for these kinds of attacks or any violence against law enforcement,” Obama said, speaking from the NATO summit in Poland that he is attending. “Anyone involved in the senseless murders will be held fully accountable. Justice will be done.”

It seems no matter what the president says, and someone will feel offended

The fact that the president arrived from Europe and jumped straight to Dallas is being heavily criticized by a lot of people in the black community. They said that he was trying to convince white people that African Americans also cared about the deaths in Dallas. However, they are angered by the fact that he did not visit Louisiana or Minnesota first where police officers killed black protesters. The Washington Post attended Reverend Frederick Hayes III sermon at the Friendship-West Baptist Church in South Dallas last Sunday where he talked about the president’s schedule.

“Mr. President, I love you, I support you, I’ve defended you. But I need you to go to Minnesota,” The reverend said during his speech “Maybe if the same energy and love we bring when blue lives die, maybe if we bring that same attention, affection and love when black folk get killed in the hands of cops, maybe we’ll save a generation.”

But they are not the only ones lounging at the president, police officers have heavily criticized Obama’s administration ever since he got into the office.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories are based on the North American president, but there is one that stands out. According to these claims, Barack Obama hates police officers.

Some blame Obama of engaging in hate speeches against police officers

Everything started in 2009 when the black historian Henry Louis Gates was arrested while trying to force his way into his home. Law enforcers were angered because the president said the arresting officer had acted stupidly. After a lot of pressure, the president resolved to bring both the director and the historian to the White House using a “beer summit” as an excuse.

Joe Walsh, a conservative talk radio host, is one of the most famous defenders of the “Obama hates cops” theory. In fact shortly after the shooting in Dallas, the celebrity posted a couple of polemic twits which he later deleted.

These claims have gained force over the pass of the years, and its proponents have found “evidence” everywhere. For example, in 2011, Obama invited the rapper Common to an event to celebrate poems. The rapper wrote a song called “A Song for Assata” which is supposed to be dedicated to Assata Shakur, a man who fled to Cuba after killing an American police officer.

Later in 2013, the president endorsed Debo Adegbile for a position at the Department of Justice. The investigators dig down Adegbile’s life and found out he had a friend-of-the-court petition to help Mumia Abu-Jamal. Jamal was convicted of killing a Philadelphia police officer in 1982, and the Senate used this fact to decline the Adegbile’s nomination.

Some say, the Black Lives Matter movement’s creation is attributed to a statement released by Obama after the deaths of Michael Brown Ferguson and Eric Garner at State Island in 2014. Maybe the best proposal was laid by Dallas Chief Police, David Brown, during a press conference.

He said “Don’t be part of the problem. We’re hiring. Get out of the protest line and put an application in. We’ll put you in your neighborhood.”

All in all, the racial conflict in the United States has always existed and manifests in intervals. It could be compared to religious conflicts in the Middle East, if not in scope and scale, in the ground base. Both white and black intellectuals have expressed the hate is completely senseless and had urged the people to move on to a better future.

Source: New York Times