Hello Games announced the release of its major No Man’s Sky update to this date. The game was awarded with the Most Anticipated Game of The Year and with good reason.

No Man’s Sky spent five years in development and the company responsible for it, Hello Games, was in charge of augmenting all the expectation involving its release.

No Man's Sky 'Foundation' patch to be released this week. Photo credit: Gog.com
No Man’s Sky ‘Foundation’ patch to be released this week. Photo credit: Gog.com

Now, three months after its launching, the videogaming company released a statement that assures the fans a whole body of changes that will enhance the game. According to the official statement, this update is not going to be the largest, but at the same time, it will represent the basis for all the oncoming actualizations and patches.

“We’re calling it The Foundation Update, because we have added the foundations of base building, and also because this is putting in place a foundation for things to come,” an author posted at the official blog from the Gaming company Hello Games.

The major change in the update is the“base building.” This highly-requested feature consists on the possibility of creating new structures in every planet any user could visit. It is sort of a Minecraft-like characteristic because users can collect materials and later use them to construct their own home in the planet.

There is no exact date of the release of the update, although the gaming company has stated that it should be in the next week.

Angered gaming community

Not any game manage to win the Most Anticipated Game of The Year. No Man’s Sky has been on people’s radar since 2011, and since then, it has built a pretty large community even before its release.

Of course, Hello Games promised the buyers a never seen endless space exploration, getting inside a jet and traveling from planet to planet. The company responsible for the game assured a universe so big that it was impossible to see it all, literally speaking.

However, after the game’s release in August, the expectations were not completely fulfilled. In fact, the statement published by Hello Games says a lot about that discontent

“The discussion around No Man’s Sky since release has been intense and dramatic,” they wrote.

Hello Games knows that the fanbase is upset with the features included in the first version of the game, and are looking forward to fulfilling all the requests. The users had said that, among the properties of the game that must be improved, there is the enhancing of inventory management, combat situations, the incorporation of side quest activities and even the inclusion of an actual ending to the game.

The fans will have to wait to know if this update will include all or at least a big part of the requests to feel like the money spent on the game, and the time spent waiting for it was actually worth it.

Source: Business Insider