On Monday, the NFL released the official dates for all 32 teams’ offseason training programs. According to the details for this year’s offseason workout programs published on the NFL’s website, these programs are focused no only in training its players properly, but also providing them with lessons significant for they performance.

Considering the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 21 to be more specific, each of the workouts must comply with the terms of the CBA and is broken down into three phases. The first phase consists in focusing on the player’s resistance as it involves strength conditioning as well as rehab, this will be for two weeks. Then, phase two consists of three weeks of on-field workouts where coaches can have a more personal time with the players individually. During this phase, there are neither drills involving full contact nor drills that involve the whole team. The final phase is described as the most difficult one, given that players spent four weeks doing organized team activities or OTA for short.

The NFL recently released the official dates for all 32 teams’ offseason training programs. Credit: Sbnation.com

Now, this year’s offseason workout programs contain more than just the schedules for teams to train, it also allows the team to pick new players for this upcoming NFL season. In order to better understand what this new season will bring fans and what to expect from it, the teams who picked up some of the most talented players are mentioned next.

The list of the offseason schedule for all 32 teams workout program dates is posted here.

Trading players may surprise NFL fans

Now, Evan Mathis, the renowned blocker from Denver that has been a top player for the Philadelphia Eagles for 5 seasons running, will join the Cardinals from Arizona.

The Jets, on the other hand, just received Matt Forte into its team in order to help the team gaining some ground. It’s worth noticing that Forte obtained over 200 carries in each season when playing for the Chicago Bears.

Ladarius Green, however, will try to fill in for two-time Pro Bowl finalist Heath Miller as he was traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Green is expected to be a significant upgrade into the team’s offense, as well as providing their quarterback Ben Roethlisberger with a player capable of receiving the ball.

Regardless of other trades, it seems as if coaches have been a little bit too busy with picking up players, instead of paying more attention to the ones they already have. According to the NFL, coaches always want more time alongside their players.

Even if it’s just for moral support, coaches prefer spending more time with the players, especially when it comes to the offseason workout programs prior to NFL’s season.

“You’re always trying to develop players,” said the Cowboy’s head coach Jason Garret. “Players want to be developed.”

Source: NFL