Nick Graham, the fashion designer, announced that he will partner up with Bill Nye, the “Science Guy,” to launch a limited edition of bow ties that represents Nye’s work and legacy as a science educator. The collection will be available at starting today.

Bill Nye, a fun fashion appreciator, decided to make his favorite accessory, the bow tie, an interesting addition to men’s wardrobe by adding science elements such as planets, the periodic table, and even Nye’s silhouette, personifying his personal style.

The Science Guy will partner up with designer Nick Graham to create unique bow ties. Credit: NIck Graham

Nick Graham believes that Bill Nye is the perfect example of combining style and science. “He not only wears a bow tie well, but I respect his work enormously and has influenced a whole generation through his TV shows and books on the importance of science in our everyday lives,” Nick Graham said, according to PR Newswire.

Each bow tie will have a price of $49.50, and every ten percent of each of them sold will be donated to The Planetary Society, a non-profit organization of Bill Nye that focuses on educating citizens on space science and exploration, expecting to encourage young creative minds to work in this subject.

Bill Nye stated that when it comes to the fashion business, science is more involved than we might think. He believes that transmitting information about ourselves through our personal style is involved with science, as we interact with it within our species, according to the Huffington Post.

Speaking of his personal style, the Science Guy says he prefers white button-down shirts, although he believes that since Bill Clinton’s impeachment hearing started, someone told senators and congressmen to stop using them on camera, so they now prefer blue shirts.

When it comes to women, he goes for high heels, although he acknowledges that they aren’t much practical. “I don’t wear them, but I’m a big fan,” he said to the Huffington Post.

The ‘Unstoppable’ Bill Nye

Bill Nye isn’t only on tabloids due to the launch of this particular collection. He recently launched his new book “Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World.”

The book deals with the subject of man-made climate change and its consequences on the human life, as it also analyzes political decisions and the lack of good science education that could reverse some of the harsh consequences of climate change in our planet.

Nye takes us through the basic notions of climate science in a fun and simple way, calling us citizens to take actions and raise awareness on the subject. He also analyzes the pros and cons of technological improvements that could lead us to reverse some of the consequences with new clean and efficient energy sources.

In the book, he even reconsiders nuclear power and genetically modified crops. He believes that we don’t have to be afraid now, looking back at everything the human race has accomplished, especially at this moment when we are facing climate change.

The long time Science Guy, science educator and former mechanical engineer, surely isn’t getting off the track of his science-for-everybody goal, giving his fans and the rest of the people questions that probably will keep them meditating about these issues.

Source: The Huffington Post