Ohio State cornerback Eli Apple was dissed by NFL draft scouts, mainly because he cannot cook. An anonymous NFL scout argued that Apple “has no life skills. At all. Can’t cook. Just a baby. He’s not first round for me.”

Sports fans are outraged at the current pre-draft news as the cooking skills of an NFL player have been put under a spotlight, the controversy started as Eli was questioned by Detroit Free Press’ Dave Birkett about his cooking skills.

Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski/ USA TODAY Sports

Apple was forced to comment that he was getting angry on the subject. “I can cook on the field” he replied, and he stated that he regularly cooked for his teammates. “I can make waffles. I can hook the eggs up with the bacon.” But it turns out that, according to his mother, Eli’s father is a retired five-star chef.

The controversy stems from a story written by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Bob McGinn, where he compiled the analyzes of NFL scouts regarding the main defensive backs in the draft. Scouts were harsh on Apple, a third-year sophomore from New Jersey. Some argued that he is “going to be a pretty high-level starter” as he is only 20 years old. A talented runner and one of the best cornerbacks in the draft, scouts proceeded to tackle him on off-the-field matters.


The report featured at least 10 other cornerbacks, but the only one that got slammed for his cooking was Eli Apple. He argued that he had cooked for the team, including Darron Lee and Ezekiel Elliott, who then proceeded to tweet in defense of his fellow teammate

NFL players are often suspended for drug use and related issues. Robert Nkemdiche was allegedly drunk as he was with his teammates in December, and Noah Spence resulted positive in a drug test for ecstasy; in spite of both events, it is possible that both players be picked in the first round of the NFL draft.

Apple’s case is ludicrous since he is to be a professional football player, the team will provide most of the meals throughout the season, without taking into account the hefty paycheck he will receive that he can put towards buying prepared food or hiring a nutritionist.


According to fans and analysts, over-analysis of the players is harmful to team development, even if the sports scouting business is as old as the sport itself; scouting statements are often regarded as “overreactions” but they are still anonymously released to the free press, where the media may spark an outrage such as the one related to whether Eli Apple can cook or not.

Source: Journal Sentinel Online