Perry Noble, the pastor of NewSpring Church in South Carolina, was allegedly fired in July and will no longer hold his position as pastor of the Church due to alcoholism issues.

Several local newspapers have spread the rumor, and the Church has not responded officially to these claims. However, in 2014, Noble stated that he was suffering from depression since 2012, and indeed he was having some serious issues with anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

Pastor Perry Noble
Perry Noble will no longer hold his position as pastor of the NewSpring Church due to alcoholism issues. Credit: Huffington Post

Perry’s health background

According to the Pastor, he had an episode in 2008 of deep depression but was not treated professionally at the moment. Those years without medication apparently affected him a lot.

After this process, he started receiving healthcare assistance but still did not go for medication. He actually gave special sessions in the Church about anxiety and depression.

In 2014, Perry wrote and published a book called “Overwhelmed” where he wrote about stress and anxiety. But, surprisingly, the writing of the book had a negative effect on him since he went back to mental episodes and having panic attacks and was at that point that he began using medication.

About the rumors

People in the community and some local media stated that Perry was fired due to sexual accusations and severe marriage issues. Perry Noble said that he was not linked at all with any sex sin or domestic abuse or violence.

So far, all communication have been private between the pastor and members of the Church’s community. But, the confirmation was revealed in an official post in the Perry Noble’s official website. On May 9, he said:

“I’m grateful to have served with a leader like Perry who not only called me into to ministry, but also had the guts to call me out when he saw what I couldn’t see! I’m thankful that he wanted me to succeed in ministry, even if that wasn’t on staff at our church. Today I have the opportunity to love and minister to people around the world because of my book ministry and it’s absolutely what the Lord had in store for me,” stated Perry in his blog.

This statement certainly looked like a goodbye.

About the removal

It was actually Shane Knight, another pastor of the Church, who announced that Noble was removed from the community since July 1, due to his “unfortunate decisions” what translates into the inability to lead the religious community.

Apparently, Clayton King is the minister who will take charge of te Church.

King was an adopted child, and at the age of 14 felt the call of ministry, so he immediately started preaching and speaking at churches. He was an outstanding student during his youth but now is devoted to preaching in churches, offering conferences and leadership events and he is an enthusiast of traveling.

He founded a Non-Profit Organization called Crossroads/Clayton King Ministries that offers summer camps, students conferences, and coaching networks. He has published more than ten books and is one of the founders of the “True Love Project,” the re-launch of True Love Waits.

Source: Live 5 News