With a new year ushering in a new decade, 2020 has been a pivotal year, when it comes to technology. Tech geeks have been looking forward to all the coolest tech trends that are to come with this new decade and it is here now. Network technology has been big in 2019, and development in this arena is something to absolutely watch out for. With the rapid development of new tech with every passing minute, let us enlist the coolest network technology trends, which are here to stay, not only through this year but beyond.

Network Technology Trends for 2020 and Beyond

Remote Desktop Access To Enhance Work Experience

With a majority of the world being forced to work remotely, a whole new norm and culture of remote working has been established since 2020 and thus, Remote PC Access has gained unprecedented popularity. Not only corporate giants and large scale businesses, even medium to small start ups, and even educational institutions have started implementing remote access to build an integrated work and learning environment. With the affordable and secure consumer-grade options available in the market, even small businesses and families have taken to remote access to enhance their work or viewing pleasure.

Better Internet Speed With 5G And Wi-Fi 6

With increased networking needs, remote working and learning environments, the need for high speed Internet is massive. Lightning fast 5G and Wi-Fi 6 are the future of Internet, and it is estimated that with these new technology coming in, slow Internet and connectivity issues are a thing of the past. Cellular providers of various countries across the world have already started quite a bit of work in providing 5G to their users, and with the next generation Wi-Fi technology 802.11ax, also known as Wi-Fi 6, it is set to become the new standard of speed.

Data Encryption Is The Future

As network technology keeps developing, security breach is a bigger threat than ever. A single tiny breach can compromise sensitive and confidential data. To combat this growing challenge, data encryption is the way to go. Along with antivirus and Firewall, data encryption is fast becoming the latest norm when it comes to security measures. Even tech hobbyists are dabbling in encryption, making it the fastest developing security feature in the market currently. In fact, several developers around are working on making data encryption at the network layer itself, a standard feature of the new hardware developed. When fully implemented, this will indeed a game-changing development in the field of security.

SD-Wan Is To Be The New Standard

Software-defined wide area networks or SD-WAN is the latest concept, which has emerged in the light of the fast spread of business computing assets to the remote data centers as well as mobile systems. This whole new paradigm shift in networking has made it possible for users to implement a larger range of network interconnections in order to create a viable private business LAN analog. This binds the essential data right from the cloud to data centers to branches into a single, seamless functioning system. It is estimated that in the coming years SD-WAN will manage to replace the traditional onsite, hardware-based networking approach completely.

Keeping up with the latest networking trends can be absolutely revolutionary for your workspace as it saves so much of time, effort and money in the long run.