Nest announced its first outdoor security camera. Maxime Veron, the company’s product manager, also revealed a new person reconnaissance feature for September.

The Nest Camera Outdoor is a new line of external security that the company announced on July 14, 2016, via blog post. It is the first release by the organization after a year of anonymity. It is also the first project under Marwan Fawaz’s tenure. The ex-executive vice president of Motorola Mobility is replacing Tony Fadell, one of Nest founders, who is seen as a tech visionary for his work with Apple.

It’s pretty tiny and can mount to the wall magnetically. Credit: Ars Technica

The camera is small; it fits in the hand. The developers wanted the user to install it himself, so they worked on a DIY structure. Nevertheless, the device is well-made with water-proof materials able to withstand even snow. The gadget is HD, so the resolution will depend on whatever you are using to access it.

One of the coolest things the Nest outdoor camera has is the built-in mic and speaker. Users can access the camera using the app and interact with whoever is at the front door. And they won’t have to remember who visited them during the last month. The camera records everything and keeps an automatic backup safe on the cloud of the past thirty days.

Nest also invested on its software to make its products smarter

Veron also announced a new feature called “person alerts” which would allow the monitors to tell the difference between a person and a car, for example. The new reconnaissance system also has its alert, so in the future, users are going to receive a particular alert if the camera detects a person in the perimeter. The product manager also said the new feature would even tell the user if it was not sure it was a person.

People that want to enjoy the feature will have to get a Nest Aware subscription, and the update is going to be available in September. Both the indoor and outdoor monitors will support the new update.

“So you’ll know if someone’s there, or if it was just a car passing by – and get fewer false alerts overall. Nest Cam will even tell you it thinks it saw a person but wasn’t sure,” reads the article wrote by Maxime Veron.

The outdoor security monitor is also connected to the other gadgets inside the house via Wi-Fi or cable modem. The programmers pre-installed security protocols that the user can activate. For instance, if the camera detects a person, its owner can have it to turn on the lights automatically inside the house.

At $199 the device is an affordable option considering all it includes. It is already available for pre-order in the United States and Canada. However, Europeans will have to wait for a couple of months before it hits the shelves there. People can already find it on Best-buy, and there are a couple of cases and mounts available on Amazon for thirty bucks.

Source: Nest