NASA has commented on the “UFO sighting” that happened a few days ago, providing answers to those claiming the agency is responsible for cutting off the live stream video.

NASA has been involved in another “UFO” sighting, on July 9th  the space agency was broadcasting a live video from the International Space Station (ISS), when users spotted something. As the live-stream went by, an object was seen coming down to Earth and several minutes later the signal went off. A message appeared on the users screens claiming that the ISS had lost connection while broadcasting, yet many of the users and all enthusiasts are holding NASA responsible for the happening.

Many are not satisfied with the agency’s response and continue to defend the UFO sighting theory. Credit: uforbs

According to users and “UFO” hunters, the space agency is covering up the happening to avoid the public from knowing the truth about what lays in space. The company has emitted several comments denying such rumors.

An enthusiastic user, under the name of Streetcap1, took screenshots of the happening before the signal went off and it’s claiming NASA turned off the broadcast because of the UFO and holding them responsible.

In a one-minute-and-forty-six-second video, Streetcap1 showed a distant object seen from the ISS and coming down to Earth, a few minutes after the signal of the space station went off and the internet started to doubt.

“Remember, a UFO is an unidentified flying object- This could well be a meteor or the like. What made it interesting was the camera cut off when the UFO seemed to stop,” wrote StreetCap1 in the description box of the Youtube video.

NASA’s response

The rumor started to spread across the internet, several websites and news reports reached out to NASA for a response to the happening. The space agency denied the UFO rumors and assured the ISS’s signal tends to cut off.

NASA also assured that when the International Space Station loses signal, the screen shows a blue message that tells users the broadcast has been interrupted and tends to happen quite often depending on the location of the user.

The space agency continued to assure that there had been no UFO sightings whatsoever and that users tend to confuse the reflection of the ISS and lights as aliens. Others are claiming that the sighting could have been the Chinese Space Station.

Source: The Huffington Post