Morgan Freeman is lending his voice to popular GPS driving app Waze. This means that those driving in the U.S. can be given directions by the voice of the legendary, Oscar-winning, Hollywood actor.

As a promotional feature for the actor’s new movie: “London Has Fallen“, in which he plays the Vice President of the United States, Freeman’s voice, in character, will be an optional setting that can guide app users to their destinations.

Photo: Mashable
Photo: Mashable

Waze has said that Freeman’s is among the voices most requested by its users, so this offer will prove popular for sure. But, the current tie-in is just a short-term offering to promote the film.

London Has Fallen, the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen is set to be released in theaters on March 4, 2016.

Waze is a free, Google-owned GPS app founded out of Israel in 2007. The company has become famous for its mobile application let anyone share real-time data on traffic and road conditions. It also updates user’s commutes in real time and reroutes based on conditions.

Not the first actor to lend his voice

This is not the first time the navigation app use the voice of a famous actor to guide their users to their destination. Back in 2015, Arnold Schwarzenegger did the same thing.

Waze used the actor’s voice standing in as a Terminator Cyberdyne Systems Model 101, during the promotion of the latest entry in the Terminator franchise, Terminator Genisys. Drivers who use the navigation system were able to set the Terminator to guide them home.

“I’m looking for Sarah Connor, but I’ll get you to your destination first.” Users could hear on their way home.

Source: Gizmodo