Moleskine’s new smart notebook, the Paper Tablet, lets you draw, sketch and take notes by using its experience-enhancing digital pen. It looks just like a notebook and the pages are made out of Ncode paper, which registers the movements of the tip of the pen. Handwritten notes can be automatically detected and transcribed into digital text.

The Moleskine Smart Writing Set costs $199 and it is similar to other digital notebooks, but the difference is that you can actually draw or write on the paper as the whole process is digitized.

Moleskine Smart Writing Set lets you draw, sketch and take notes by using its experience-enhancing digital pen. Credit: The Verge

Main features

The Moleskine Smart Writing Set is comprised of the Paper Tablet, the Pen+ and the Moleskine Notes app.

The Paper Tablet dimensions are 8 by 5 inches and it looks like a tablet inside a notebook case. The pages are not tearable or replaceable, so you will need to buy another notebook for $29 if you run through the 173 pages.

The Pen+ can be connected to any mobile iOS or Android device through Bluetooth. It scribbles in black ink and it tracks the tip’s movement as it is able to register whatever you write, even if you are not writing on the Paper Tablet. The pen is able to register how much pressure you apply and if you’re writing on the Paper Table, it will register when you switch pages.

You can share your notes and drawings to Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote and on the Moleskine Notes app that’s available on Android and iOS app stores. You can highlight notes, digitize text, share your files through email and many other useful functions. The Moleskine Notes app also lets you edit your notes and export them in different formats such as PDF and as an image.

The Moleskine Smart Writing Set is ideal for artists and professionals in the area of design, or anyone that enjoys taking notes and having them readily available in a digital format. It is of great help to write down lectures, ideas and sketches as many people prefer analogous writing rather than typing down notes in a regular note app on a smartphone.

Source: PC Mag