Since its launch Wednesday, there has been more than 1 million downloads of Chick-fil-A mobile app, which is why it ranks as the No. 1 most downloaded free app on iTunes. The company is focused on offering faster service for young families as it keeps its spirit of traditional American fast food chain with a twist that attracts millennial parents.

Based on the chain’s research, as much as 82 percent of this type of families say they are capable of “almost anything” to avoid wasting time in long lines with their kids at fast food restaurants.

Chick-fil-A’s new mobile app is off to a roaring start. Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A knows that this society needs instant purchases and its study also shows that it must keep its tradition and brand culture while investing in the Millennial market, given that it is the biggest generation so far with about 80 million of them. Research has shown that this group is changing the schemes of the food industry, according to Chelsea Davis, who writes in a blog for TraceGains, a firm that offers technology to enhance safety in food manufacturing.

“The ones that will ultimately gain popularity among Millennials will be those that are willing to innovate while staying authentic,” Davis added. “Food manufacturers must now walk the line between making all-natural and sustainable product claims, and being 100% truthful in their statements.”

Inside the brand’s success

Regarding brand culture, the successful fast food chain is known for its tradition of a Christian family. The simple chicken sandwiches are also highly acclaimed, and families seem to stay faithful to the chain as they have made it stay as the number one for three days in a row.

A free chicken sandwich was promised to all those customers who signed up for the new app through this month, but rivals such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Dairy Queen have also offered free products for new users of their apps. However, Chick-fil-A gives a brand speech that focuses on providing an American dining experience that is healthier and more traditional. There even are flowers on the tables. The idea is to let customers know that the restaurants’ atmosphere feels like home.

A few months ago, several Chick-fil-A operators took part in the firm’s Cell Phone Coop challenge. Those families who managed to spend a whole meal with their devices locked up in small boxes set up on each table would be able to enjoy free ice cream. The family-owned chain, founded by a Baptist, never opens on Sundays.

The company produces more revenue per restaurant than any of its competitors as it continues to opening stores in new markets, according to Business Insider. QSR magazine reported that the chain grew by $700 million to achieve $5.8 in sales in 2014, which made it larger than every pizza brand across the United States. Now it is the eighth-largest-fast-food chain in the country regarding sales.

Potential candidates do not have to meet a threshold for net worth, the Business Insider reported. Chick-fil-A covers the startup costs, including equipment, real estate, and restaurant construction.

Spokeswoman Amanda Hannah told Business Insider that money will never stop anyone from becoming a franchise, as they only require potential candidates to have an accurate sense of business and enjoy serving others.

So people do not need to have much money to open a new Chick-fil-A franchise, but there is a catch. Ongoing fees are significantly higher than those charged by McDonald’s, and other rivals and most franchisees are not allowed to open multiple units. Hannah said that the purpose was to make it easier for them to be involved in the daily operations of their stores so they can have interaction with customers.

Chick-fil-A also remarks the importance of serving the community around the restaurants.

“Often, several operators in a market will combine resources to market events through advertising and promotion,” Hannah commented, as quoted by Business Insider. “Our daddy-daughter date nights are an example of this.”

Source: Christian Science Monitor