The Microsoft Band 2 was launched today and is expected to arrive on October 30. The band, which has addressed major concerns users had with the previous version, aims to help customers get healthier.

The device helps users to live a healthier life by tracking calorie burn 24 hours a day, and sleep quality at night. It also shows a map of the users’ runs, and track their heart rate, speed, and distance while biking, helping them improve their training.

On the other side, the Microsoft band shows a glance of emails, calendar alerts and texts. It actually lets customers reply a text with a standard quick response or create their own set of replies in the app.

Microsoft has worked closely with business partners to ensure the Band 2 will aggregate and utilize users’ personal big data with popular programs like Uber, Lose It!, and others. Image: The Pogue Review

Moreover, the device has advance technology from Microsoft since it uses GPA, to determine the kinds of swings golfers make, and a barometer, to track elevation changes in real time and count the floors users climb when they take the stairs.

Other features include Cortana’s ability to reschedule missed workouts and keep users updated with calories burned through quick reminders and graphs. It can also estimate costumer’s VO2 max, which is the maximum amount of oxygen the human body can process in one minute

As for Microsoft Band’s new design, the device has now a curved OLED screen and a more flexible band to create a comfortable and natural fit. The battery has also been placed into the bulbous clasp and not out of the top of the bracelet like it used to. However, the Band’s two day battery life was not affected by the design change.

Today Microsoft also announced its first laptop, a line of Lumia smartphones, and a new Surface Pro Tablet, all running Windows 10, which is its latest operating system.

Source: Microsoft