Michigan Democratic congressman, Dan Kildee, announced on Friday that he has cancer. The representative said he was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in one of his tonsils and has been scheduled for surgery. He disclosed that tonsil cancer is serious but actually curable if detected in time – like in his own case.

Michigan Rep. Dan Kildee Diagnosed With Tonsil Cancer and to Undergo Surgery

According to Kildee, he was diagnosed with cancer after he went for a “preventative scan for a swollen lymph node” with his doctor. He said further tests revealed that he actually had cancer in his tonsil. He revealed that the prognosis for surgery and treatment is good and that he is certain of beating cancer to the ground.

“I’ve been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, a serious but curable form of cancer,” the Democrat congressman said on Friday. “Thankfully, I caught it very early. With early detection and great doctors, they found a very small tumor in one of my tonsils. It’s never easy to hear the words you have cancer. But I know that so many other families have gone through a cancer diagnosis.”

Having been told that recovery after surgery will take a few weeks, Kildee said he can’t wait to get this chapter of his life behind his back and get back to work. He announced he would not be available at work during this time, but “my congressional office will remain open to serve the people of Michigan’s Eighth Congressional District.”

He thanked his wife Jennifer and his entire family, as well as his “extraordinary staff” for their support. He also appreciated members of his constituency and congressional colleagues for staying by him through his ordeal. Democrat Rep. Haley Stevens also reached out to Kildee to offer his support on behalf of his fellow reps.

“Praying for my friend and colleague from Michigan,” Stevens wrote. “Dan is a fighter – I have no doubt he will beat cancer. We are all standing with him and his family during this difficult time.”