NBA Legend Michael Jordan has broken his silence and joined other public figures on speaking out against the excessive use of force in law enforcement against African-Americans.

Jordan also announced that he was performing donations of $1 million for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and the Institute for Community-Police Relations, non-profit organizations striving to nourish the relationship between police departments and their respective communities. Michael Jordan addressed the NAACP’s commitment to building human values in law enforcement.

Michael Jordan decided to make a statement regarding the recent shootings involving African-Americans and police in several cities throughout the United States. Image Credit: BleacherReport

“I have been deeply troubled by the deaths of African-Americans at the hands of law enforcement and angered by the cowardly and hateful targeting and killing of police officers,” stated the 53-year-old chairman of the North Carolina’s Charlotte Hornets.

He also took the time to remind how law enforcement officers have protected him and his family, as he expressed his respect for their honest service.

Michael Jordan’s thoughts amid the crisis

Michael Jordan has been known for not issuing statements concerning political issues. He was recently asked about the transgender bathroom scandal in North Carolina, to which he just spoke against discrimination without delving in the intricate parts of the issue. The 2017 NBA All-Star Game’s location had to be moved due to the state’s controversial bathroom law, as it was publicly stated by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

If Michael Jordan had made a more consistent statement, perhaps the issue would have erupted to greater implications. But it seems that the NBA Legend has a cold head in matters regarding public opinion, as the current state of crisis concerning the shooting of black civilians by police officers has forced Jordan to speak out.

His resistance toward making political statements comes mainly from his business career, as he was once believed to stay away from politics because, otherwise, not everyone would buy his products. Businessmen are known to be reserved concerning their views on politics and religion, but this can quickly change seeing the severity of the matter at hand.

Jordan has also been known to be an advocate of racial inclusion in business, as he is the first black American to own his franchise, while also being a retired sports star.

Michael Jordan’s father, James Jordan, was shot and killed in a car robbery. Michael Jordan remembered the hurtful “senseless act of violence” in his statement to fraternize with the relatives of the victims of racial-biased police shootings.

He stated that his parents taught him to treat people as equals, with care and respect, but he also pointed out that the way news are presented have a divisive effect on the public, which creates racial tension and may protrude in more acts of violence, either from law enforcement or from civilians.

Jordan reflected upon his belief that the United States knows better and that he cannot stay silent any longer. An entrepreneur, Mr. Jordan pointed out the need of finding people and solutions that allow blacks to receive fair treatment and equality of rights, while also protecting police officers who risk their lives every time they go to work to ensure public safety.

Source: The Undefeated