Mexico’s top selling artist and one of the most influential stars in the Latin culture, Juan Gabriel, has passed away. He died at the age of 66, just two days after a concert in California.

Broken-hearted fans from all over the world are dedicating words of gratitude for the deceased star, who passed at his Santa Monica house in California. Preliminary information from Selena Barros a spokeswoman from Los Angeles County, states the singer died of natural causes.

Juan Gabriel died at the age of 66, just two days after a concert in California. Photo credit: Las 2 Orillas
Juan Gabriel died at the age of 66, just two days after a concert in California. Photo credit: Las 2 Orillas

The Latin superstar had recently canceled an upcoming presentation in El Paso, Texas, but gave an emotional concert in Los Angeles with thousands of fans cheering and crying from his emotional songs.

“He has gone to become part of eternity and leaves us his legacy trough Juan Gabriel, a character he created with the music he sang and performed across the world. As Alberto would say, as long as someone exists who sings my songs, Juan Gabriel will live,” read a statement published on the singer’s official website

A ballad legend

Juan Gabriel, who’s real name was Alberto Aguilera Valadez, had a 45-year long career and was in the middle of a US tour with 15 upcoming performances until December 2016.

The singer had recently announced an upcoming novel based on his life that will be airing in the Latin chain Telemundo. Juan Gabriel was a world-known Latin star that sold over 100 million records and was added to Billboard’s Latin Music Hall of Fame in 1996.

In 2009 the star gained his star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame for his legacy and influence not only in Mexico but the Latino community. Mourning fans gathered outside of his Santa Monica House and paid tribute to the artist as they sang his songs.

Local authorities had to open the way for the van containing the artist body could leave the building, given many fans outside of Gabriel’s house. Local radio stations and television channels have been paying tribute to the recently deceased star.

Juan Gabriel was known for his romantic and emotional songs, since his first hit “No Tengo Dinero” when he has 21-years old, the artist has remained as a legacy of Mexico’s music and culture.

According to Rolling Stone, Juan Gabriel’s 1984 album called Recuerdos Vol II, remains as the best selling album ever in Mexico with over 8 million copies and The Associated Press reports the singer’s biggest hit “Querida” spent a year on the top of the Mexican song charts.

Juan Gabriel had over 60 different albums, and just some of his most recognized songs and ballads include “Por qué me haces llorar?” “El Noa Noa” and “Hasta que te conocí.”

The artist has recognized by his performances and colorful outfits filled with glitter as well as his interaction with the public while performing full of energy on stage, even at the age of 66.

Mexican culture and fans called the artist “El Divo Juarez” for his over the top performances and clothes. According to CNN News the singer stayed at the top of Billboard’s Latin albums five times in 2015 and 2016.

“A voice and a talent that has represented Mexico, his music is a legacy for the world he is gone too soon, rest in peace,” said Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto, in his Twitter account

Many have compared the artist to a Latin Elton John, David Bowie or Prince because of the impact he made, not only in music but the culture of Latins and especially for the Mexican people.

Source: CNN