Pop-star Meghan Trainor suffered a minor accident while finishing the performance of her newest single Me Too. The artist turned around to face the crowd when she fell on her back.

On Thursday, Trainor went to The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon to perform her latest single. Wearing a skinny sparkly blue dress and really high heels, the singer gave an outstanding performance while flirting with the public.

Meghan Trainor falls at The Tonight Show
Singer Meghan Trainor fell on her back while performing at Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show. Credit: Newnownext.com

The star dance off the performance while flipping her brown wavy hair. At the middle of the show, Trainor was joined by backup dancers to dance to a choreography in those big heels.

The singer clapped along and finished with a high pitch note, giving her back to the audience as the band finished the last couple of notes.

While attempting to turn back to the audience, the pop singer rotated on her ankles but the high heels made her unstable. Trainor tried to gain stability on the microphone in front of her, yet she ended on her back on the floor of the scenario.

Jimmy Fallon laughed it off with the singer shouting “Trai! Trai! Oh my god” as he joined the star on the floor. Both Fallon and Trainor laughed while on the floor, until Fallon helped the singer stand back on.

The audience clapped on while the accident happened and even the band was cheering the singer for her performance, despite ending on top of her back.

Statements after the accident

After falling, Trainor joked on her Twitter account.


She appeared on Good Morning America the day after to explain that she actually chose that performance to air on TV. The producers of the show recorded another performance but the singer decided the first one was the best.

“I actually got up and said: let me do it again and I did, but after watching the performances, that was the best one,” said Trainor in the show.

She continued to mock herself by tweeting gifs of the fall and memes of her performance.

The 22-year-old singer has been in the eye of the media lately with her latest singles No and Me too. Recently, she published the non-edit version of her latest video after it had been photoshopped without her permission, gaining a big applause from her fans.

Source: E! Online