San Francisco – Dropbox Inc. has finally released, after a six-month tryout, the official version of its collaborative note-taking tool, named Dropbox Paper.

The release is a substantial improvement of the beta version from six months ago and basically consists on a web-only app that you can access through your Dropbox account. Paper is all about collaborative work, an app where multiple users can edit a document at the same time, everyone identified by a colored cursor and the user’s full name is displayed in the margins, crediting their contributions to the file.

Dropbox finally released Google Docs rival, Dropbox Paper. Credit:

For now the app is quite basic with a minimalist style where you can only find one font type and three available sizes. Classic bold, italics, underlined and strikethrough formatting are available which reveals that Dropbox’s purpose for Paper is to keep the focus on sharing ideas rather than formatting. In particular, the company made it so that you can use its app to share pretty much anything, regardless of what tools you might be using.

“Work today is really fragmented. It happens across multiple content types, be it images, code, tables, even tasks,” said product manager Matteus Pan to Engadget.

At first glance, Paper does a pretty good job bringing a bunch of different content and tools together when the document collaboration market is completely crowded with platforms like Google, Microsoft, Evernote, Box, Quip and a whole host of other companies.

Paper also allows project managers to add to-do lists, complete with checkboxes and mentions to the member of your team who needs to take care of the associated task, also coding is an option for format documents appropriately. Probably the greatest quality on Dropbox’s new feature is the compatibility with most formats from Excel or PowerPoint to Google Docs files. It’s the first time Dropbox has really integrated with Docs and Drive.

Source: Engadget