Early on Sunday, in the city of Thane, in western India, the bodies of 14 members of a family, including seven children, were found stabbed to dead. The killer was a man that hanged himself after he committed the crime. This was one of the country’s worst massacres to ever occurred in recent years.

Hasnain Warekar, 35, killed his own parents and several of his sisters and their children after a Saturday evening gathering at his home. Apparently, Warekar began stabbing his family around 1 am and 2 am after everyone had gone to bed.

India man fatally stabs 14 relatives, hangs self, police say. Credits: Chicago Tribune

The only survivor of the attack was one of his sisters who was wounded and taken to the hospital in a state of shock. According to Gajanan Laxman Kabdule, a spokesman for the police in the city of Thane, Warekar’s wife and his two daughters were also found among the dead.

“He used a big knife. He killed his parents, his sisters and his sisters’ children. He slit their throats,” Kabdule told Reuters.

Kabdule also said that the motives for Warekar’s actions are unknown but police are investigating a possible family dispute over a property.

Apparently, Warekar had put sedatives on his family’s food before killing them, however, Kabdule said that this was not yet confirmed by samples taken from the house are still being analysed.

The bodies were sent to a Thane hospital for autopsies.

Source: Reuters