Springdale, Arkansas – An 18-year-old man was arrested last Monday after a McDonald’s manager reported that a young man took a cup of soda from the restaurant without permission. The police charged Cody Morris with robbery; he was booked in jail on Tuesday and he is scheduled to have a rule 8.1 hearing on Friday.

Everything started when 3 men went through the drive thru from the McDonald’s at 520 S. Thompson St. asking for water. After they got the water, they entered the restaurant, threw the water away and filled the cups with soda. When the staff realized what they did, they told the manager and he confronted the 3 of them. According to the manager, he told them to return the soda, but one of them, Cody Morris, would not listen to him. Refusing to return the soda, Morris and his friends left the restaurant and boarded his car. The manager tried to stop them by attempting to take the keys from the ignition and then, blocking the car’s way, but according to him, the “criminals” hit him with the car twice and left.

Cody Morris, 18, was arrested for allegedly stealing a cup of soda from McDonald’s in Springdale, Arkansas. Credit: FoxNews

Police forces answered to the robbery report and found Morris’ car next to a bowling alley where they proceeded to arrest Mr. Morris who was behind the steering wheel at the moment. They arrested him and charged him with a felony, but they have not said anything about charging the manager for trying to take the car keys from the young man.

Refill policy

If you have visited a fast food joint before, you are familiar with the drink refill, but if you don’t know its policy, you might find yourself accused of a felony for taking an extra cup of soda. According to TicoTimes, a travel guide website, there are eight rules you need to follow in order to get extra drinks at McDonald’s:

  • The beverage is for individual consumption.
  • It applies with the purchase of any McCombo from the regular menu or an individual beverage.
  • It does not apply during breakfast hours.
  • It only applies during the 60 minutes after the purchase.
  • The refill must be requested after waiting in the regular line at the restaurant’s counter.
  • You must show your receipt in order to request the refill.
  • Once a customer has left the restaurant the refill is no longer valid.

This kind of rules may seem unimportant, but they have a legal backup and it would be a good idea to follow them. In this case, the commitment of McDonald’s staff to the restaurant’s policies got a man arrested and charged with a felony over a cup of soda.

Source: 4029TV