LED lighting technology keeps growing in popularity when referring to indoor farming. Although these systems are not as popular as traditional lighting, this is sure to change in the future. LED lights have some clear advantages over the other horticultural lighting types available. Progrow.co.uk presents the following as being the main advantages all indoor gardeners have to be aware of.

Main Advantages Of Using LED Grow Lights

Faster Harvest Cycles

You can use LED lights every second of the day or night, without being impacted by temperature. As you grow plants indoors, environmental feedback does not exist. You need to offer what is needed, and you need to “tell” the plants what is needed.

With the use of LED lights, daylight hours can be changed. It’s important to learn about the grow light spectrum so that you can offer the right red wavelength light when the plant needs it the most in order to maximize the growth rate. It is possible that multiple harvests can take place in just one season, increasing production automatically.

Increased Plant Lifespan

The lifespan of LED grows lights goes over 50,000 continuous hours. This is a lot longer than what the traditional lights can offer, partly because of the low light operating temperature. The conventional lighting systems always produce much heat. The conventional lights produce much heat so lifespans are significantly reduced. The LED’s longer lifespan means you can grow crops for years without having to replace your lights. This is important because it reduces costs.

Increased Energy Savings

The efficiency of LED grow lights is much higher than what you get with the traditional lighting systems. When you measure energy consumption, 60 percent less energy is used. LED lights will emit much less heat. It offers increased usable light since the LED diode will not burn when light is produced. Because of the reduced energy use and extra heat production, the LED grow light automatically and considerably lowers energy bills.

Increased Plant Health

Plant growth is not positively impacted by light sources emitting IR rays, heat, and UV rays. That is due to the fact that such light sources will cause the plant to burn and quickly dry up. More water is needed and the plant needs a lot more energy to remain alive.

As you utilize LED grow lights, harmful wavelengths, and heat are instantly limited. The energy and water used are solely dedicated to developing plants that are healthier.

Cooler Operating Temperatures

The LED grow light does not give off much heat. This is not the case with HID lighting systems, which are well-known to produce temperatures that go over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Using LED lights is recommended by indoor gardeners because the greenhouse operating temperature is very low. When you use the LED grow lights, you do not have to install an extra cooling system in the growing area.


LED grow lights have to be considered when you want to create a very good indoor growing environment. While they will not be the only thing that you need, it is a certainty that using them will allow you to grow healthier plants faster, which is what you surely want.