Next year will mark the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone, and Apple Inc. is expected to introduce unusual features on its upcoming iPhone 8.

The company will mostly focus on an exquisite design, as reported on Facebook by Robert Scoble, prominent tech blogger and Entrepreneur in Residence at UploadVR. Sources have told him that the next iPhone will be a clear piece of Gorilla Glass and other polycarbonates will make it truly resistant. In recent years, the company has not really innovated when it comes to the design of their widely acclaimed smartphones.

Iphone 8
iPhone 8 design concept. Image credit: Marek Weidlich.

Apple is expected to introduce a full-face OLED screen on the iPhone 8 and Scoble claims this screen can disappear so users can see through the device. He argues that several sources have confirmed his report. Transparent screens may be the future of several devices. Panasonic recently presented a new prototype TV that can be turned into a window when turned-off.

We had learned from previous reports that the new iPhone would feature this type of screen that covers almost 100 percent of the device’s face and that the home button would be embedded beneath the screen along with the fingerprint scanner.

The iPhone 8 could also have a glass back instead of aluminum, and the device’s outer edges may be surrounded by metal similarly to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Apple might be focusing on more than just a revolutionary design

Scoble said his sources also confirmed claims about a state-of-the-art eye sensor-equipped headset into which owners can put the phone. This will help Apple compete with Microsoft’s upcoming HoloLens. Virtual elements could be projected onto real-world settings so users can have an augmented reality experience.

“You pop it into a headset which has eye sensors on it, which enables the next iPhone to have a higher apparent frame rate and polygon count than a PC with a Nvidia 1080 card in it,” Scoble said in the Facebook post.

He continued to say that the phone has an advanced 3D sensor from Primesense, an augmented reality firm Apple recently acquired. According to Scoble, there are 600 engineers in Israel developing this next-generation sensor.

“It’s the first product introduction in Apple’s new amazing headquarters. It’s a big f**king deal and will change this industry deeply,” the tech blogger expressed.

His sources also confirmed that antennas and battery would be hidden around the edges of the screen. Most chips built in a smartphone usually are placed at the bottom of the device.

A report by BGR is skeptical about all these claims, especially when it comes to the transparent screen. The author says that one thing is Panasonic’s see-through screen and another entirely different is fitting such a component on a significantly smaller device like a smartphone.

This report argues that the iPhone 8’s battery life would be disappointing if the battery and antennas are really packed into the edges of the screen. But we are talking about the company that changed the way the world thought about mobile devices and Apple’s highly ambitious projects are key to its success as a prestigious brand.

Source: Robert Scoble’s Facebook Page