Rob Kardashian is reportedly linked to Blac Chyna, Tyga’s ex. She appeared cuddling with him on a close-up picture she shared Monday on Instagram, along with the caption “The beginning.” Although Rob was cut out, the picture shows a heavily tattooed arm wrapped around her. TMZ was the first to report it is Rob’s arm.

E! News later confirmed they’re indeed dating, but there’s lots of drama. As reported by the entertainment newscast, a source expressed “concern” because Chyna seems to be “preying” on Rob “during a weak time.” The source also said she is strategically using him to get back at Kylie Jenner, who’s in a complicated relationship with Tyga, with whom Chyna shares a three-year-old son named King Cairo.

With this image, many believe that Blac Chyna (Tyga’s ex) is dating Rob Kardashian. Credit:

This is indeed an unexpected pairing. Blac Chyna, 27, is best friends with Amber Rose, Kanye West’s ex. Rose got into a massive Twitter feud with Khloé Kardashian earlier last year after Amber criticized Jenner and Tyga’s relationship. In September, the rapper lashed out at Chyna in September because she apparently spread rumors that Tyga could not afford the Ferrari he purchased for Jenner as an 18-birthday present.

The arm in Blac Chyna’s Instagram post features a tattoo with a heart and a crown of thorns, as well as an angel covered with beams of light. Those are the exact same tattoos the 28-year-old rapper has on his left arm.

As for how Kylie feels about Rob’s relationship with Chyna, a source told E! News that she was doing her best to avoid the whole situation. “Ky is ignoring her antics”, he insider revealed.

Sources close to Chyna and Rob told TMZ they’ve been recently spending a lot of time together for several days but they’ve been indoors because Rob is not going out in public after he gained more than 100 pounds.

However, fans might be able to see him soon. Kris Jenner told Maria Shriver that he is looking to come back and shoot the show and clarified that the reason why he had been out is because he wasn’t feeling good.

Source: E! Online