The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) was involved today in a car chase that looks just like a car scene straight out of a movie.

April 7th was a rainy-day for Los Angeles residents, who witnessed a 90 minute police chase, after a pair of residential burglars ditch the Cerritos neighborhood.

The suspects were driving a blue convertible Ford Mustang with the top down. Photo credit: ABC7
The suspects were driving a blue convertible Ford Mustang with the top down. Photo credit: ABC7

Los Angeles police chase

Two suspects were reported around 2 p.m in the residential area of Gateway city Cerritos, the suspects had apparently entered a residential area an hour after a rainstorm hit the Southern part of California.

The suspects were driving a blue convertible Ford Mustang with the top down while it was raining, so sheriff’s deputies weren’t able to follow them at that speed. The LAPD department opted for a helicopter view of the suspects to persecute them.

The pair of suspects drove around the 110 and 101 freeways in the downtown of the city, constantly changing lanes while the California Highway Patrol joined the car chase.

The Ford Mustang rear-ended a green car on the freeway while exiting to Sunset Boulevard, the suspects also stood up in the car, and threw one hamburger into another car.

When the suspects arrived at Sunset Boulevard, no police officers were chasing them, so the next act was to stop traffic while performing car doughnuts, spinning in the middle of the street to then continue to Hollywood Boulevard.

The car drove around the freeway and back to Hollywood Boulevard then a TMZ tour bus got in the suspect’s way, but they managed to squeeze between the car and kept on going.

LAPD tried to deploy spike strips to the suspects passing through Figueroa Street, but the suspects kept on going. Until the car’s front tire trashed in 51 Street and Central Avenue around 3:30pm according to Los Angeles Times.

When the car stopped the suspects were surrounded by tourists and civilians, while waiting for the police.

Los Angeles Times assures the chase “Had all the ingredients for a classic, made for-Los Angeles- police chase, a convertible with its top down performing doughnuts on Sunset Boulevard, people cheering, the walk of fame and TMZ”

The suspects proceeded to shake bystanders hands, took selfies and hugged people while waiting for the police.

“I have been involved in a lot of pursuits but i haven’t seen anything quite like that, the high fives at the end were ridiculous” Said former councilman Dennis Zine a 47 years of service LAPD officer.

The police arrived and the two suspects crossed their hands behind their back while walking towards sheriff’s deputies.

Source: LA Times