Disasters can cause serious disruptions when it comes to the normal functioning of a society. Disasters often involve widespread material, human, environmental and economic impacts that severely affect the ability of a society to cope using its own resources. This calls for measures to increase risk reduction through improved preparedness for adverse events and increased public awareness to minimize vulnerability and exposure to hazards. There are several effective strategies to enhance preparedness for disasters like the Coronavirus pandemic that countries are currently dealing with in many parts of the world. There are certain resources that are essential when it comes to ensuring greater emergency awareness.

Locked Down? Emergency Awareness Essentials to Consider

Traditional Media

One of the most important resources in any disaster preparedness plan is the media. TV, newspapers, and radio play a critical role in helping emergency teams to be fully prepared to respond responsibly, speedily, and effectively to natural emergencies. These types of media also play a vital role in disseminating emergency or safety information to the public in the event of a disaster. They can be used to inform the public on the procedures that should be followed in the event of a crisis including evacuation procedures and potential hazards among other important safety information.

Training and Simulation Exercises

One of the most essential elements of disaster preparedness is response training for emergency management teams. Training is essential for maintaining the capacity to implement measures of control and spotting shortcomings in existing systems. Training and simulation exercises need to be performed according to regular plans and specific consideration should be taken to use qualified trainers. Emergency response teams should be trained for their duties and responsibilities using simulation exercises that mimic the real disaster to ensure preparedness for what they need to do to save lives and property.

Stimulating Public Awareness

In order to stimulate public awareness, posters, brochures, rack cards, banners, flyers, and other printed material serve as useful emergency awareness essentials. These materials are essential for disseminating vital information at the site of potential or actual disasters. For instance, banners containing information about hygiene can be placed on establishment entryways to remind people to wash their hands to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. They can also be used in factories to communicate safety instructions and procedures like reminding employees to put on safety gear or equipment.

These materials can also be placed in various locations in public spaces to disseminate safety or health information. The best thing about these materials is that they are affordable, widely available, and so versatile that they can be used in various settings to serve various purposes.

In uncertain times like these, when many countries have imposed lockdown measures due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it may be difficult for everyone to know what they are required to do to be safe. The confusion brought about by not knowing what to do is something many are experiencing for the first time. In such circumstances, people need awareness of what is essential to their everyday living to get them through such times.