LittleBits just released a series of kits for kids to explore their intuitive and inventive side. The kit will let them build fully-functional gadgets, improving their abilities and inspiring them to create things on their own. The LittleBits “Gizmos & Gadgets kit” is officially available for purchase starting today for $200.

According to CNET, employees of LittleBits had a revelation when reading some Amazon reviews on one of their previous kits: “One person wrote about using the kit and being finished in an hour. How could they be done in an hour? There’s a million things you can do. We were missing something,” said Krystal Persaud and Emily Tuteur from Littlebits company.

For the Gizmos & Gadgets Kit, the projects range from a bubble machine to a wirelessly-controlled robotic rover and games. If you’re looking to get started, the Gizmos & Gadgets Kit includes a set of 15 electronic blocks and it’ll be available this month for $200. Credit: Engadget

After thinking about it for a while, the company decided to create a new way to present their kits to make them accessible to everyone, not just kids, that wanted to put their minds and hands to build something. The employees spent hours testing the kits, and they came up with the idea of “Gizmos & Gadgets”. This new kits come with extended and colorful instructions to create different inventions.

“Motors, wheels, lights, switches, servos, buzzers even a remote control – snap it all together to spark creativity and fun. Want to invent a remote control racecar? Do it. Create an automatic bubble blowing device? Go for it!”, says the product description on LittleBits website.

The company worked along with LEGO, to make the LittleBits construction models compatible. In fact, according to CNET, LittleBits added two former LEGO executives to their team so they could help them develop this new set. The success from LEGO was build upon the idea of the DIY (do it yourself), expanding people’s creativity.

Another factor that impulsed the company to develop the new set is the focus on STEM education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), making the kids learn without they even knowing it. Although the manual instructions are very useful, the idea of the kit is that kids can throw it away and build the gadgets on their own, making full use of intuition.

“It’s totally different than any kit we’ve ever made, and we’re excited to see how people react to it. Hopefully, people buy this kit and leave it feeling like they’re confident makers and can make anything,” Persaud concluded.

Source: CNET UK