Gary Johnson was left out of tonight’s presidential debate for not scoring a 15 percent support in polls, but he assures that his plans for America include space exploration.

The ex-governor of New Mexico was interviewed on ABC News’ This Week, as he revealed his proposals for avoiding human extinction and global warming. The Libertarian Party candidate also participated in the presidential race back in 2012, but his recent efforts have been foiled by Clinton calling onto protest voters assuring that a vote for Johnson would be a vote in Trump’s favor.

Gary Jhonson at MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show. Image Credit: Western Free Press

Gary Johnson, a candidate for space colonization

Johnson has been an advocate for accepting what science proposes and not basing decisions on political interest but rather on actual evidence and what scientists deem as resourceful for mankind. He also emphasizes dealing with the U.S. public debt, military non-interventionism, and ceasing the War on Drugs.

When it comes to space colonization, Johnson assures that it is a fundamental step into allowing humankind to circumvent the implications of global warming. Both Clinton and Trump have spoken in favor of space exploration but have focused on other topics that they deem important and that they will address in the first presidential debate.

He consistently criticized Obama’s take on several fronts, particularly the NSA’s programs regarding unauthorized surveillance of civilians. While in office, Johnson cut taxes at least fourteen times, without a single increase. The Libertarian candidate is perceived as a politician that vouches for the limitation of government and fiscal conservatism.

One of Johnson’s most notable feats is to be named the CEO of Cannabis Sativa Inc., a medicinal marijuana cannabis company that operates in jurisdictions where cannabis consumption is legal. A candidate for drug decriminalization, Johnson also proposes increased airport security and equal civil rights for non-heterosexuals.

Because Johnson failed to reach the 15 percent approval rate in polls, it appears that his current presidential race is over, even if he is calling for participation in the debate. The Libertarian nominee has assured his supporters that he will remain in the race to represent Americans that are not willing to vote for neither Hillary nor Trump.

Tonight’s presidential debate will be one out of four events where the presidential candidates will finally face each other and address key issues that will determine the future of the United States. Among these topics lie global warming, tax policy, immigration, foreign policy, and stance on international and local trade.

Each candidate has several points in favor on many of these topics, but most agree that Donald Trump is at a clear disadvantage seeing the fact that he has not held public office. Unlike Hillary Clinton, who has been working on the United States government for the last decade, working alongside George W. Bush and Barack Obama, two emblematic presidents from both of America’s major leading parties. But seeing that Johnson appears reluctant to give up, it may just give the Libertarian party the momentum it needs to gather strength and support for the 2020 elections.

Source: Fox News