Lexus released a video for its “Lane Valet” feature this April Fools’ Day. The feature is semi-autonomous, and it will be included in the 2018 Lexus LC.

The Lane Valet is a new technology that uses V2V communications to make cars move out of the left lane on highways. Lexus’s latest feature was designed to prevent accidents on the road caused by drivers who drive too slow, causing traffic jams and possible accidents.

Image Credit: Lexus

Lane Valet allows drivers to move aside left-lane cars

The Lexus LC will have a new button on the dashboard, that triggers the valet mode. Lane Valet is a semi-autonomous technology that can connect to left-lane vehicles obstructing the flow of traffic and do the driver the “courtesy” of moving the car for them, successfully making the highway safer for everyone.

“An appropriate vehicle speed without excessive breaking offers optimal fuel efficiency, better traffic flow, and decreased driver frustration,” explained Lexus Product and Consumer Marketing General Manager, Brian Bolain, according to The Drive.

There’s only one problem with Lexus’s latest feature: it isn’t real. The ad video was produced especially for April Fools’ Day, and it will be aired during the NCAA Final Four and on Saturday Night Live.

April Fools’ Day gags from other companies

Other companies released videos for their April Fools’ Day pranks. Google released a Ms. Pac-Man game inside of Google Maps. To access it, you simply enter Google Maps and click the Ms. Pac-Man square to play the game.

Amazon also joined the celebration of the pranking holiday, releasing a video for its new “Petlexa,” an Amazon Echo for pets. In the ad, you can see a hamster running on a wheel and squeaking to Petlexa, which indicates the hamster how many steps it has taken. Then, we see a cat grumbling at Petlexa, which quickly shows that it is ordering a large sushi platter.

Ms. Pac-Man: Google Maps April Fools Day prank. Image Credit: Hypebeast

T-Mobile outdid itself releasing an ad for its wearable ONEsie. The ONEsie combines fashion and Internet coverage, as it promises to give “full coverage” to anyone wearing it. The ONEsie is made with 4G LTE Nano-Fibers, allowing the wearer to be covered in T-Mobile’s lightning fast network. The ONEsie has several modes, like DietMode, equipped with Haptic Willpower, which allows the wearer to follow through with diets.

Burger King posted a video promoting the Whopper Toothpaste, for people who want to have fresh Whopper breath at every moment of the day. Quilted Northern released a video for the new uSit, a biometric device designed to track your bathroom routine.

The uSit records all your toileting data and tells you your frequency and duration. You can even set personalized sitting goals and share with your friends. released an ad for Eau de Chlôrine, the latest fragrance that mixes the powerful notes of pool bleach with the subtle aroma of human sweat.

Source: CNN